Earn a Certificate in Curriculum and Instruction Online

The modern classroom is changing, and earning your certificate in curriculum and instruction online is a great way for you to change with it. This certificate program is ideal for developing or aspiring teachers who teach kindergarten through 12th grade (K-12).

A certificate in curriculum and instruction typically instructs on how to develop curriculum for the classroom and then review and evaluate the results. By using current education research and development, they can use that information to use the most effective teaching methods possible.

Fun Fact

3.1 million: the number of full-time equivalent (FTE) teachers employed in public schools in Fall 2016. [i]

What Is a Certificate in Curriculum and Instruction Online Program?

Unlike a degree program, a certificate program typically has fewer requirements for admissions. So earning this certificate may be ideal if you’re already a teacher or plan to pursue your masters in curriculum and instruction in the near future. Students don’t exit the program with an associates, bachelors, or masters degree. Instead, completing this program to the school’s standards results in the credential of a certificate.

Did You Know?

16,353 students earned their masters in curriculum and instruction in 2014. [ii]

How Long Does the Program Take?

Curriculum and instruction certificate programs are typically comprised of four courses to be completed within a set amount of time—typically about three years. However, program length will vary from school to school.

What Is Certification?

Don’t confuse this with a teaching certification—which is something entirely different and varies for each state. Also, depending on the institution, you may be able to use credit hours earned in a curriculum development certificate towards earning a degree in the same field.

Courses for Earning a Curriculum and Instruction Certificate Online

Every school’s courses within their curriculum development certificate program will vary. However, there are a few areas that most program typically cover. Remember, this type of program is designed to build the framework for developing curriculum, not turn students into teachers.

  • Designing Curriculum for Learning
  • Student Learning Assessment
  • Educational Leadership
  • Educational Research
  • Teaching Diverse Classrooms

Possible Titles of Online Curriculum Development Programs

In your research, you might find these programs go by several different titles. Here are some possible names for programs that focus on developing curriculum and teaching:

  • Curriculum Leadership Graduate Certificate
  • Curriculum Development
  • Graduate Certificate in Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment
  • Graduate Certificate in Curriculum and Instruction
  • Learning Design and Technology Certificate

The Next Step

If you’ve decided that earning your certificate in curriculum and instruction online is a missing piece of your career puzzle, the next step is applying. Spend time on the website of each school whose program you’re interested in.

Find out the start times, application deadlines, and what materials you need to apply. Then, you’re ready to make an informed decision about earning your certificate in curriculum and instruction online.

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