Online Early Childhood Education Certificate

While earning an early childhood education certificate online, programs teach how to have a positive impact on the lives of young children and their families. Typically, this is through courses that study the many ways that influence a child’s learning, and by grasping how to create supportive environments.

Early Childhood Education Certificate Online: Basics

While earning an early childhood education certificate online, programs look at the many influences that impact a child’s learning. These may include family, school, and neighborhood. Certificate programs teach how to create an innovative course of study and how to design challenging programs that reach all different learning styles.

Some certificate programs are post-baccalaureate and ask that you have earned a bachelors degree from an accredited university. Others are designed to help you gain a Child Development Associate (CDA) licensure, which many states require. These types of certificates normally only require a high school diploma or GED.

Early Childhood Education Certificate Online - Graduate Certificate ECE

Online ECE Certificate Program Requirements

In order to earn your early childhood certificate, most programs ask that you complete five to eight classes. Typically, students can earn their certificate in one year. However, the specific make-up and time it takes to earn your certificate may vary from school to school.

Common Online Early Childhood Education Classes

Early childhood education online courses focus on how educational approaches can help the development of children up to eight years old. A child’s brain develops faster during these years than at any other point in their lives, making these some of the most influential years in a child’s development. Therefore, this may include a complete grasp of methods, standards, and behavior.

Check out some of the common online early childhood education courses here.

  • Foundations in Child Development
  • Early Childhood Education Curriculum and Instruction
  • Observation and Assessment in Early Childhood Education
  • Family Interactions
  • Guidance in Early Childhood
  • Introduction to Early Childhood Programs
  • Wellness in the Early Childhood Setting
  • Classroom Management for Teachers
  • Curriculum for Early Childhood Education
  • Play in the Lives of Young Children

Courses may vary from school to school, depending on their make-up. Check out a few schools to find a perfect fit for your goals.

Take the Next Step!

Are you looking to help young children develop their cognitive and social skills, as well as their moral outlook and self-esteem? Then take the next step to earn your early childhood education certificate online. Click on any of the sponsored listings on this page to learn more about each school. You can even contact your favorites directly to request more information.