Earn an Educational Technology Certificate Online

Educational technology certificate online programs show you how to effectively use technology in the classroom. The plan is to enhance learning by designing lessons and instructional tools with various technologies. Courses also show you how to use analytics to change lesson plans to meet the needs of each student and their learning style.

Educational Technology Certificate Online: Basics

Technology has helped make many different aspects of our lives run better. Now, it has come into the classroom for the academic and the corporate world. Some technologies, such as mobile learning and wearable technology, may completely change how we teach and learn.

When you earn an educational technology certificate online it can give you a chance to enhance your career. You will do this through a few graduate-level classes that work to sharpen your knowledge.

Admissions Requirements

Most certificate programs ask that you first earn a bachelors degree from an accredited school. While all programs have different admissions rules, many require that you have earned your bachelors degree with a minimum GPA. You may also may need to have an interview, a letter of intent, and two letters from people who recommend you.

Graduation Requirements

To earn most online educational technology certificates you need to pass three to six classes. Most students earn their certificate in one to two years. Plus, many certificate programs will let you transfer credits that you have earned to a masters degree track. However, each program is different. Check with the schools to find one that looks like it will match your goals.

Common Educational Technology Courses Online

There are a number of different courses you may take while you earn your online certificate in educational technology. They all focus on how you can use technology in the classroom. This means you can make curriculum and lessons that work well, as well as meet the needs of all learning styles you find.

Some of the courses you may take include the subjects listed here.

  • Foundation of Instructional Design and Learning Technology
  • Planning, Design, and Development of eLearning
  • Video Principles for Instructional Design
  • Systemic Instructional Development
  • Educational Technology Integration

Every program has its own structure and focus. Therefore each course may vary from school to school.

Take the Next Step!

We all know how much technology has changed our lives over the years. This trend will keep up with its impact on how we teach and learn. If you want to enhance your career and learn how to use technology in the educational space, click on any of the sponsored listings right here on this page. There, you can read program descriptions, specific courses, and admissions requirements. You can even contact schools directly. This is a great way to find a perfect educational technology certificate online program for you.