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Online Graduate Certificate in Elementary to K-12 Education

Some education schools and universities offer Online Graduate Certificate in Elementary Education programs. The “K-12” designation corresponds to the subject and/or grade level you intend to teach. If you are contemplating a career change, an online education certificate in Elementary to K-12 Education is worth considering, as the convenience of web-based courses may allow you to continue your studies while maintaining work or family obligations.

Why Earn an Online Graduate Certificate in Elementary Education?

Earning an online graduate certificate in elementary to K-12 education could prepare individuals with a Bachelor’s degree to teach students in the elementary grades, depending on the school system and state regulations. Some online education certificate programs might provide the training and education necessary to apply for teacher licensure. Graduate certificates in teaching K-12 are generally intended as a supplement to a Bachelors degree in the arts, sciences, or humanities.

Other Requirements

After students complete the program, they must pass certification (licensure) in the state where they plan to teach. In some cases, credits earned may be transferred towards an initial stage for a masters degree a later date, so this keeps the door open for continued teacher education.

Online Graduate Certificate in Elementary to K-12 Education: The Basics

While program lengths vary, it could take around 24 months of full-time study to complete an education certificate online. Other programs may be accelerated pre-professional programs. In addition to coursework, a field teaching experience may be required.


While a Bachelor’s degree and state licensure is typically required by teachers in public schools to teach students through to high school, some states require teachers to earn a master’s degree after receiving their teaching certification.i

Online Online Graduate Certificate in Elementary Education: Potential Courses

Courses in an online graduate certificate in Elementary to K-12 Education may be similar to those in a bachelor's degree teacher training program since you could learn how to communicate multiple subjects to different ages of students. Some post-baccalaureate online education certificate programs emphasize a specific subject area, such as science or mathematics, in addition to the teacher training courses.

While courses vary depending on the institution, potential topics could include:

  • Foundations of education
  • Child development
  • Literacy
  • Curriculum, Instruction, Assessment
  • Teaching and learning

Take the Next Step

Ready to take your Bachelors degree and excellent communication skills to the next step? Browse through the sponsored program listings to find an online Graduate Certificate in Elementary to K-12 Education that resonates. Admission procedures and application deadlines differ; make sure to use the ‘request info’ buttons to contact prospective colleges so you don’t miss out.