Online Graduate Certificates in Teacher Education

Online Graduate Certificates in Teacher Education offer licensed teachers with their Bachelors Degree, a convenient way to learn how to teach specific subjects at various educational levels in order to meet state education board requirements. Some states may refer to teacher education certificate programs as ‘coverage’ or ‘endorsements’[i] and each state has their own education board and regulations for teacher training.

Online Graduate Certificates in Teacher Education

Online Graduate Certificates in Teacher Education: Essentials

Online graduate certificates in teacher education can be thought of as education for teachers, especially since teachers are often required to complete annual professional development classes to keep their license[ii]. Some are short term and could require 18 credits to complete. As such, they may be considered add-on teacher credentials, professional development, or continued education; credits can sometimes be transferred to a Masters Degree at a later date. In some states, teachers are required to earn a master’s degree after earning their teacher certification[iii]

DID YOU KNOW? “In teacher education programs, prospective high school teachers learn how to present information to students and how to work with students of varying abilities and backgrounds”[iv]. 

Online Graduate Certificates in Teacher Education: Potential Courses

Course curriculum also varies depending on the subject (e.g. English, Math, Biology). For instance, an online graduate certificate program in mathematics might offer an understanding of math, analysis and how to communicate math to students. That said, some of the topics that teacher education certificate programs might cover could include:

  • General theory and practice of learning and teaching
  • Fundamentals of educational psychology
  • The art of teaching
  • Planning and administration of educational activities
  • Social foundations of education
  • Overview of the concentration area
  • Best practices to convey the concentration area to learners
  • Child psychology

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If learning the specific skills in order to demonstrate competency in your knowledge of a specific subject matter, curriculum, and pedagogical content knowledge is something you need or want to do, browse our sponsored listings to find online graduate certificates in teacher education. Turn your existing knowledge into a subject you can transmit to your students. Use the request info tab to contact prospective universities and get the details you need to find the right teacher education certificate.

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