What is an Online Interior Design Certificate?

Since many people are attracted to the field of interior design, it is more important than ever to get the edge with formal training. These credentials impress potential clients and help interior decorators to establish a good reputation, which is essential in a profession where professional relationships are as important as talent. For professionals who are already working in the field full-time or want to shift careers, earning an online interior design certificate could be the best option, since it allows students to work at their own pace, whenever and wherever it's convenient.

Many interior designers work as consultants or in small firms, and the potential for self-employment in this field is high. Look no further than your living room, cubicle or kitchen to understand the importance of skilled interior decorating. The color, aesthetics and practicality of interior design can make or break the harmony of where you eat, sleep and work. That's why the field of interior decorating draws artistic individuals who enjoy putting their creativity to practical use. Interior decorators enhance the aesthetics and set-up of interior spaces according to clients' needs and tastes. They work in commercial spaces, private homes, and institutions of all kinds, helping clients to get better use out of their space and to enjoy how it looks and feels. An associate's degree is usually the minimum requirement for a job in interior decorating. An associate's degree in Interior Design and Decoration covers basic design principles, such as color matching, textiles, and architectural detailing; tools and skills needed for the trade, such as computer-aided design (CAD); and business fundamentals such as entrepreneurship and industry best practices. Prospective students should make sure that their program meets the standards for licensing requirements, if any, in their state.