Is a Forensic Science Certificate Online Right for You?

What does a solitary glove, a strand of hair, an ill-placed streak of blood or carefully powdered fingerprint whorl have in common? While seemingly random, all of these items play a critical role in the work of forensic scientists. Not just a figment of prime-time television drama's imagination, this field is important in a society where cold cases continue to baffle investigators.

Forensic Science Certificates Online

The word forensic comes from the Latin forensis, meaning "of or before the forum." Since the Roman times of forced confessions and shaky legal procedures, forensic science has come a long way. Today's forensic professionals are often trained to be very shrewd, tech-savvy, and have an awareness of how patterns interlink to offer clues. Because of the field's unpredictable schedules, one convenient way to upgrade your subject knowledge — without necessarily committing to the time-intensive requirements of a bachelor- or master- level degree, is to consider earning a forensic science certificate online or enroll in a training program.

The famous saying "the only certain thing is death and taxes" holds dual truth in forensic sciences. Because death is often a prominent topic of many forensics cases, some programs focus on forensic pathology. For students with a stomach for the morbid, this program explores topics like medi-colegal investigation, the role of medical examiners, autopsies, injury patterns, post-mortem decompositional changes, and more. As for taxes, there is an abundance of forensic accounting programs. Because of white-collar crimes such as tax evasion and accounting fraud, concentrations like auditing, forensic accountancy, government-nonprofit accountancy, managerial accountancy, public accountancy and tax accountancy could be available to students who wish to upgrade their knowledge for a current or future career in forensic accountancy.

Learn the ins-and-outs of the accounting industry, including tax preparation, payroll departments, new tax laws, financial statements, balance sheets, asset management, inventory analysis, accounting software, and cost-volume-profit analysis. Topics include how to detect, recognize, and prevent specific types of fraud committed against organizations and individuals. Combine your accounting and finance techniques with law and investigative techniques to judge whether or not an activity is illegal. Graduates may work with law enforcement or lawyers, serving as an expert witness during trials.

Also, a forensic science certificate online is designed for full time graduate students as well as professionals seeking only this concentration. It draws students from all fields — including nursing, public health, law and paralegal studies, psychology, and social work. Coursework may explore topics such as the populations being served by state and federal court systems, state and federal correctional systems, law enforcement agencies, mental health facilities, and juvenile facilities.