Earn a Certificate in History Online

By earning a Certificate in History Online, you could build on previous knowledge while pursuing your study of history in depth. Explore areas like American history, World War II history, European history, historical interpretation and education, and more! And, prepare for the next stage of your professional journey.

What Is a Certificate in History?

It’s a non-degree program that may help you explore new professional goals. Most certificate in history online programs are at the graduate level, which generally means you must have earned at least a master’s degree. These programs may be aimed at educators, historians, and other scholars and professionals who are hoping to enhance their knowledge. And, keep in mind that such online history certificate programs may be quite diverse, with each offering particular focus areas.

What Might I Learn?

That completely depends on the certificate in history you end up pursuing, since each offers different subjects. For instance, a certificate program might focus largely on American History, including forces at play in the Revolutionary and Civil Wars, as well as involvement in global conflicts. Or, the program could take an interdisciplinary approach to the study of history, offering courses that consider history through a variety of lenses. For instance, you could study history through film, or the portrayal of a topic, like Mexican-American history, in different media.

Some online history certificate programs may also focus on the role of historians and educators, including the ins and outs of historical interpretation. In other words, you may discover programs that appeal to a variety of goals.

Potential Courses You Might Find

  • Tolerance: A Global History
  • History of Chicago
  • Paradigms and the Cold War
  • Texas History
  • Nazi Germany
  • Slavery and Freedom in the U.S.
  • The Historian’s Craft

Some programs also call for a capstone project or an independent study.

How Long Might It Take to Earn a Certificate in History Online?

That may depend on the number of credits required to earn your certificate in history online. That often varies from around 12 to 18 credits, though you might find certificate programs with requirements outside of this range. It’s a good idea to contact the program you’re interested in to learn more about prospective completion time.

Find Your Certificate in History Online Program

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