Earn an Online Interdisciplinary Studies Certificate

Online Interdisciplinary Studies Certificate programs may be quite diverse. But in general, interdisciplinary studies blend a particular area of interest with the study of other subjects from the liberal arts and humanities. Students may practice critical thinking, communication, and problem-solving, while preparing for future goals.

What Kinds of Online Interdisciplinary Studies Certificate Programs Might I Find?

They may range from general studies certificates to the study of science in a changing world. And in between, you could find certificates in many other areas, including the study of creativity.

The truth is, interdisciplinary certificate programs may be hard to pin down. In general, a program may be considered interdisciplinary if it pulls in a variety of subjects in order to better understand a complex area.

What May Be Some Potential Benefits of Interdisciplinary Studies?

Students may be drawn to Online Interdisciplinary Studies Certificate programs because they enjoy widening their focus. For instance, maybe the study of science is more interesting when it includes some social and historical context.

In addition, students from various backgrounds, disciplines, and professional areas may come to the program. All those different perspectives may be mind-opening!

Let's look at the example of an interdisciplinary science certificate again. Both scientists and non-scientists alike may benefit from connecting the sciences with the humanities, instead of keeping these fields of study in separate boxes.

What Might I Learn in an Interdisciplinary Studies Certificate Program?

Naturally, that depends on your focus. In an online general studies certificate program, you could pursue courses in Social Science, Science, and the Arts & Humanities. That way, students potentially pursue a broad range of knowledge instead of one major.

A Critical and Creative Thinking Certificate Program may focus on thinking throughout fields like education, social movements, science, creative arts, and more. For example, you may discover how to better use creativity in the workplace, classroom, or community organizations.

Basically, the sky’s the limit when it comes to what you could potentially study. But, here are just a few sample courses you may encounter:

  • Foundations of Philosophical Thought
  • Metacognition
  • Thinking, Learning, and Computers
  • Children and Science
  • Scientific & Political Change
  • Environment, Science and Society
  • Art Appreciation
  • World Civilizations

Keep in mind that online Interdisciplinary Studies Certificate programs are non-degree programs. So, they may emphasize building on past educational or professional experience in order to pursue new goals.

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