Online Linguistics Certificate Programs

Earning a linguistics certificate online could help you build your language skills and learn to facilitate communication between others. Linguistics students study language in all different contexts. That could include how language is constructed, how to teach others, and even the relationship between languages and the societies that speak them. This could be applicable in a variety of contexts, from education to corporate life to academia.

Linguistics certificate programs—generally offered at the graduate level, are typically concise programs made up of several courses. Often, these could be completed in a year or less. They could be used enhance another area of expertise, or to see what it’s like as a student in a linguistics graduate program without committing to a full degree.

And best of all, studying online could bring an element of convenience. You could access your language education at home or on the go, provided you have access to the internet and a compatible device.

Types of Linguistics Certificate Online Programs

Because linguistics certificate online programs are typically fairly short, the curriculum tends to focus on a more specific topic under the broader linguistics studies umbrella. The specific topics of study available may vary widely. This could be influenced by the preferences at your selected school, the areas of expertise of their faculty, student demand, and other factors.

Some types of linguistics certificate online programs you might find include:

  • Applied Linguistics Certificate: Sometimes called “applied language,” applied linguistics uses language research and expertise to overcome real-world problems. This includes improving communication between others, analyzing how people acquire first and subsequent languages, and more.
  • Computational Linguistics Certificate: Computational linguistics is an interdisciplinary field that combines technology with human language patterns. One example of this in practice could be how search engines interpret natural phrasing to answer questions more accurately.
  • Linguistic Anthropology Certificate: This subject area uses language analysis to understand current and historical cultures from their own perspectives. It’s specifically concerned with the relationship between how people express themselves, and their lifestyles and cultural values.
  • Language & Culture Specific Linguistics Certificate Programs: Some linguistics certificate programs focus on a single language as it is spoken in a particular culture. Two examples could be African American Vernacular English (or AAVE), for example, or Spanish as spoken in a certain region.

Find Linguistics Certificate Online Programs

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