Earn a Womens Studies Certificate

By pursuing a women’s studies certificate online, you can develop a fuller understanding of women’s position in society.  This interdisciplinary study in subjects such as economics, history, sociology, and political science can reveal to you how events and circumstances have shaped women’s experiences.

In addition to studying women through the lens of various disciplines, you’ll likely learn about feminist thought, theory, and methodology, and how women’s studies has evolved over time.

Course of Study in a Womens Studies Certificate Online

When you earn an online certificate in gender and women’s studies, you’ll learn about:

  • What influences gender construction in modern society
  • What historical factors have shaped circumstances for women of various backgrounds
  • How equality might be achieved and what equality might look like for women

You might also study historical, social, and political underpinnings of gender in the U.S. or around the world; feminist thought and theories that contribute to our knowledge today; and how social movements have influenced women’s position in society over time.

Ultimately, you may learn about women’s studies foundations or specific parts of its whole.

Options for Earning a Women’s Studies Certificate Online

You can pursue a women’s studies certificate online at the undergraduate or graduate level. Either one is complete in and of itself. However, some students use a certificate program as an opportunity to “try on” a program. If they like how it fits, they might opt to transfer their certificate credits into a bachelor’s or master’s program in the subject. Make sure when you pursue a certificate that your courses are transferable if this is something you are interested in.

Other students pursue a gender and women’s studies certificate to enhance an existing degree, perhaps in political science, history, or anthropology, and add to their resume their nuanced knowledge in this important area. 

Many gender and women’s studies programs offer a course or two in foundational areas of women’s studies. Then they offer students a chance to follow their interests through elective study. Elective courses might be offered in areas such as:

  • Gender, crime, and justice
  • Women’s literature
  • Women’s health
  • Women and gender in U.S. history
  • Black feminism
  • Women in leadership
  • Feminist pedagogies
  • Family violence

Find an Online Women’s Studies Certificate Program

Doing so can help you grow your knowledge in just six months to one and a half years. Simply by taking four to eight courses, many of which can be in subjects you like and choose, you could be well on your way to enhancing your career or pursuing an advanced degree. Look for your perfect program now!