Earn an Online Peace and Conflict Studies Certificate

Earning an online peace and conflict studies certificate could give you a clearer sense of how collaboration, advocacy, peace-building, and conflict reconciliation are essential to solving today’s problems. With the skills and knowledge you develop in your program, you could help families, communities, and beyond find their way to stable, autonomous, and flourishing existences. By taking just four to 10 courses, you could become someone who knows something about how to cause peace in the world. Most students are able to complete the program in just 10 months to a year and a half.

The Intention of an Online Peace and Conflict Studies Certificate

While a bachelor’s or master’s degree in conflict resolution and peace studies is designed to engage students in an in-depth exploration of the subjects, certificate programs are meant to provide a brief overview of the subjects or specialized, focused knowledge in just one area.

Some general areas students might study when pursuing a certificate in conflict studies or peace studies online include:

  • Perspectives and theories on peace, conflict, violence, and war
  • Laws, rights, responsibilities, and justice in peace and conflict
  • Public policy controversies and how they affect peace and conflict
  • Social, cultural, economic, and political histories of domestic or international conflict
  • Local, national, or international conflict situations
  • Peace building and community empowerment and healing

When not pursuing general knowledge about conflict resolution and peace studies, students might opt to engage in a specific area of the field such as:

  • International conflict studies
  • Peace and conflict management
  • Security studies
  • Social justice studies

When pursuing certificates in areas like these, the entirety of students’ four to 10 courses will focus on that specific component of peace studies and conflict resolution.

Conflict Resolution and Peace Studies Online Curricula

In many conflict resolution and peace studies online certificate programs, curricula is divided between core and elective coursework. Some programs divide their core courses into ones that focus on developing students’ skills or theoretical knowledge. Electives help students delve deeper into an area of focus connected to their interests or career objectives—whether that area of focus is a place (such as the Middle East), a subject (such as reconciliation programs), a history (such as that of conflict resolution in urban communities), or something else. Some programs might require students to conduct an independent study on an area of peace and conflict resolution that is important to them.  

Some of the goals of curricula might be to give students foundational or specialized knowledge in a subject or learn how to more constructively handle conflict in family, community, and professional settings. Courses in peace and conflict resolution studies could help students launch a career, enhance a career, or determine whether or not they want to earn a more advanced degree in the subject.

Find Your Way to an Online Peace and Conflict Studies Certificate

If you want to help cultivate happy, safe, and just communities, find your perfect certificate program now.

If you have a bachelor’s degree, look for either an undergraduate certificate or graduate certificate to enhance your degree or launch you into a master’s degree program. If you have a high school diploma or associate’s degree, look for an undergraduate certificate to enhance your associate’s degree or help you decide if you want to pursue a bachelor’s degree in an area of peace and conflict studies.

Either way, get started. World peace is waiting.