Human Services Certificates Online

Human services certificate programs online outline the social, scientific, and problem-solving skills you need to make a difference in your community. Certificate programs might focus on a variety of topics within human services. Some might look at the needs of specific populations. Examples could include working with children or the elderly. Others might focus on providing specific services. This could include things like public health or family services. Options could be available for those new to the field, or those with some experience. What they all have in common is a shared goal to help real communities thrive.

Basics of Human Services Certificate Programs Online

Human services professionals work to improve quality of life for people in their communities. To that end, human services certificate programs work to help students learn how to contribute to that cause. That casts a pretty wide net. It could involve looking at how individuals and communities function.

Courses could also study different areas of need. Programs might also cover how to advocate for clients and make sure those needs are met. And that's just the start! The specific knowledge and skills covered by your certificate might vary. This could hinge on the certificate level, and the topic it focuses on.

Sample Human Services Certificate Topics

Human services certificates are non-degree educational credentials.  In general, certificate programs tend to have fewer courses than degrees. Because of this, human services certificates courses might focus on specific topics under the human services umbrella. Programs like that could be a solid choice for people already involved  in human services who want to grow their expertise. They might also be suitable for people with specific career goals who want to graduate and get things jump-started a little more quickly.

Concentration areas or certificate topics within human services may include the following.

  • Child Development Certificate Online
  • Gerontology or Elder Care Certificates
  • Online Public Health Certificates
  • Online Social Work Certificates

And more! These could be concentration areas in themselves, or even individual course topics. Some human services certificate programs online might be designed more broadly, rather than focusing on one subject. Specific human services certificate options available may vary by school or program. For more information, get in touch with your selected online school.

Types of Human Services Certificates

Human services certificates programs online might include a few different certificate levels. That could make them a possibility for students from a variety of backgrounds.

  • Undergraduate human services certificate programs online: These might include associate and bachelor certificates. In most cases, these would be open to students who have not previously earned a degree.
  • Graduate human services certificate programs online: These may be appropriate for students with a little more experience in human services. Some programs might ask that you have professional experience working in the field. Others might look for prior related education. Options may include masters, post-masters, or doctorate certificates.

Each one might have unique prerequisites, depending on the school, the focus, and the level. Reach out to the schools in question for more information.

Find Your Human Services Certificate Programs Online

Start searching for human services certificate programs today! You can begin by thinking about what you might want to study. Are you looking for a more generalized human services certificate, or something more specific, like an online child development certificate?

Whatever you’re looking for, you can begin here with eLearners by reviewing the sponsored listings. Once you identify one you might want to pursue, click on “Request Info” to find out more. Then submit your application!