Online International Relations Certificate Programs

Online International Relations Certificate Programs are designed to give students an overview of foreign relations and diplomacy from a historical and a present perspective. You may study governments, the relationships among countries, changes in global politics, and more.

Why Pursue Online International Relations Certificate Programs?

These non-degree programs of study may be perfect for those who want to build on prior education while pursuing new knowledge of international relations. For example, those with careers in government, an international organization or corporation, journalism, or other professional areas may wish to enhance their understanding of political institutions, foreign policy, global trade, and more. You could potentially boost your current career, or prepare for new goals.

Online learning may be a great way to earn your certificate, especially if you have a busy or nontraditional schedule. You may be able to pursue your international relations coursework in a flexible format, while continuing to manage life’s other responsibilities.

What Might I Learn?

To put it simply, online international relations certificate programs study the relationships among countries, and how those relationships play out in areas like conflict, trade, the environment, and more. However, every certificate program is different, and may offer unique areas of focus. For example, you might study corporate responsibility on a global scale, or explore the impact of politics on global economics.

You might also focus on armed conflicts, including causes, negotiations, resolutions, and effects. You could even delve into human rights in various countries around the world.

Certificate programs may also have the goal of helping students pursue particular abilities like analysis, evaluation, and research. You might even choose to focus on a particular region of interest, like the Middle East, Africa, or Latin America.

Some courses you might pursue include:

  • Globalization and Global Politics and Economics
  • Global Literacy
  • Peace and Conflict
  • Comparative Politics
  • International Security
  • American Foreign Policy
  • And many others

How Long Might It Take to Earn a Certificate in International Relations Online?

Online international relations certificate programs may vary in the number of courses and credits required, though often students take at least four courses. The time it takes to earn a degree may also depend on whether you’re a full-time or part-time student, among other factors.

For example, a program that takes roughly a year to earn full-time may take about a year and a half for a part-time student. Of course, it’s important to check with your prospective program for a more accurate estimate.

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