Earn a Political Science Certificate Online

Political science certificate online programs may help you gain a better understanding of topics related to political science and government. Depending on the certificate, you could study anything from political theory to national security, while building on past knowledge to pursue new goals.

Keep in mind that a certificate is a non-degree credential, which may focus on a select area of a broader field. Political science certificate programs typically have fewer courses than, say, a master’s program. And, they may zero in on a particular subject, like political communication or government.

What Kinds of Online Political Science Certificates Might I Pursue?

Political science certificate online programs may be offered at different levels, from undergraduate to graduate. For example, a certificate might be intended for undergraduate students to enhance their major of study.

On the other hand, a graduate political science certificate program may be aimed at students who have already completed at least a bachelor’s degree, and are looking to enhance or update their knowledge. For example, maybe you wish to pursue a new goal in your field, or you’re looking for a potential career change.

What Might I Learn?

Naturally, that depends on the area of political science you choose to pursue. For instance, a certificate in American government may cover how the U.S. government works, including constitutional law, the judicial process, the American presidency, and more.

A political communications certificate may cover how written and spoken communications are used to influence political outcomes. For example, you could explore the role of the press in politics, or study public political communications.

A certificate with a focus on intelligence and national security could explore U.S. foreign policy, defense policy, international relations, and related areas.

And, there may be many other poli sci certificate programs worth checking out!

What Online Political Science Courses May Be Available?

All political science certificate online programs may have different course offerings, but here is a sampling of what you might study:

  • State Government and Politics
  • Campaigns and Elections
  • American Political Thought
  • Democracy
  • Contemporary Political Theory
  • Political Behavior
  • Political Rhetoric
  • Reporting Public Issues
  • Women and Politics
  • Political Sociology
  • And more!

How Long to Earn a Political Science Certificate Online?

That depends on how many courses your program requires! A political science certificate may require you to take anywhere from 12 credits (or fewer) to 21 credits (or more). That’s quite a range, so check with your prospective school to get the details.

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