Biblical Studies Certificate Online Programs

Online Biblical Studies Certificate Programs center on the academic study and criticism of biblical texts. Offered at both the undergraduate and graduate level, these programs aim to help students become more fluent in biblical scholarship, and to use that fluency to help others better understand religious teachings.

This expertise could be applied in a few different top ways, ranging from academia to religious education and ministry to church leadership. Some programs might focus on only one of those—e.g. how to teach others to analyze and best interpret biblical passages, whereas others might focus exclusively on building biblical fluency.

Example Online Biblical Studies Courses

While online biblical studies certificate programs share essential characteristics, the specific approach each one takes is likely to be informed by two things: the goal of the program, and the faith tradition it’s associated with.

For example, if it’s a certificate program designed specifically to meet the needs of pastors responsible for guiding their church community, the biblical training offered by the curriculum might be a little different than a broader program. Similarly, a certificate offered by a Catholic university might also have a unique perspective.

Some course topics you might encounter in online biblical studies certificate programs include:

  • Old Testament
  • New Testament
  • Biblical & Church History
  • Evangelism

Undergraduate Biblical Studies Certificate Programs

Undergraduate biblical studies certificate programs are generally open to students with little to no post-secondary education or professional experience. As such, they could be a solid option if you’re not quite ready for a full degree program, or if you want to know more about what it’s like in a biblical studies program before committing to the degree. Undergraduate biblical studies certificates may also, in some cases, be used to enhance another degree program.

Graduate Certificate in Biblical Studies

Online biblical studies graduate certificate programs usually require applicants to have earned at least a bachelors degree—possibly even a masters degree if it’s a post-masters certificate program. The specific degree requirements beyond that may vary. Some may be designed specifically for students already studied in the field, whereas others might be open to newcomers with unrelated expertise.

Often, biblical studies certificates at this level are designed for those in pastoral ministry or related fields who want to hone their expertise to better educate their church community. These programs may also help students prepare for potential study in a biblical studies graduate degree program.

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