What is a Science, Engineering & Math Certificate Online?

Many Americans are embracing this as the perfect time to go back to school and re-tool for jobs with an environmental conscience. There is a burgeoning demand now for graduates with training necessary to respond to a changing planet, and an economy that is changing right along with it. Get what you need to re-tool, or start out by enrolling to pursue a science, engineering and math certificate online.

If you are thinking about a green career with a science or engineering focus, you have so many options, both those directly serving an environmental issue and all the supporting roles that must accompany those. The job market has room for environmental scientists and engineering managers. Finding innovative and responsible ways to develop polymers and produce plastics is as important as developing sound environmental policies. You have the option of attaining a certificate or diploma in a specialized area of concentration whether you are a working professional who needs and efficient way to gain specific skills, or if you are currently enrolled in a bachelor or master degree program.

Earning a science, engineering and math certificate online can earn you a certificate on the heels of your high school diploma that will set you up for an entry-level position right away. You could acquire continuing education credits that would maintain previous bio-safety licensure, or take a series of courses for a graduate certificate that can later be applied toward a master degree. Any way you look at it, you will be doing yourself and your career prospects a favor by enrolling in an online program.

An example of an online engineering certificate would be a Graduate Certificate in Engineering Management, requiring at least a bachelor degree for entrance. This program would consist of several graduate-level courses such as Communications and Economics for Engineering Management, and Financial Management. This type of program would be ideal for a working scientist or engineer who wanted to hone their managerial skills specifically for their field without spending years completing an entire degree program.

Go in an entirely different direction and check out the science and engineering online for non-degree programs that apply to forensic science, ergonomics, or fisheries management. These condensed programs are designed to meet the needs of scientists and engineers looking for professional development and advancement in their chosen field. Check out the flexibility that quality distance education can offer through accredited universities and colleges.