Online Certificate Programs in Engineering

At any given moment of your day, you interact with objects created by engineers. Just as all objects are not created equal, neither are all engineers. Titanium-based artificial limbs and combustion engines, for example, are the domain of mechanical engineer; whereas the resinous core and coating of professional golf balls are created by material scientists. Both biosystems engineers and civil engineers are responsible for ensuring a clean water supply for all citizens, but the former is more likely to be inside a lab whereas the latter handles matters like urban development. Likewise, chemical engineers, while not to be mistaken for chemists, are responsible for a vast array of products like your lawn fertilizer, colorful hair dyes, petrochemicals, and even drugs. If this sounds interesting, you may want to pursue an engineering certificate online.

Engineering could be a career pathway to all kinds of daily breakthroughs which could eventually become essential items for our households, recreation, health and transportation. In short, there are very few examples of things that engineers do not have some role in creating for the betterment of mankind. To develop the techniques that many professional engineers need, the vast majority have earned a bachelor degree. Not only is this education credential a requirement for most entry-level engineering positions, it could equip you to apply scientific and mathematical principles to develop new technologies that fill human needs.

If the long-term commitment of a bachelor- or master- level engineering program is not suited to your current lifestyle or academic needs, earning an online certificate could be a better alternative. Earning an engineering certificate online may be an option for students interested in topics such as transmission and distribution engineering, or plastics engineering. Likewise, a graduate certificate with a concentration in engineering soft techniques may be a good fit if you are already in an engineering career, but wish to enhance your leadership abilities to maximize results on engineering project teams. If you are a busy working adult, you may benefit from the flexibility of these online certification programs. They are available via high-tech, multimedia course modules so you can access online lectures and communicate with instructors and peers from the comfort of home.

Engineering specialties vary widely, but most may consist of coursework in math, science and design classes. Concentrations include aerospace engineering, biomedical engineering, chemical engineering, electrical engineering, environmental engineering, mechanical engineering and petroleum engineering. Since testing is a huge part of most engineers' jobs, many engineering degree programs mesh hands-on lab work (such as simulations) and theoretical research.