Earn a Computer Science Certificate Online

Earn a computer science certificate online to learn the technical and theoretical foundations necessary to delve deeper into computer science. Or, if you’re already familiar with computer science, earn a certificate to study software engineering, cyber security, networks, distributed systems, or another component of computer science.

Why Pursue an Online Computer Science Certificate?

Pursuing a computer science certificate degree program online can launch your education in the field, grow your existing knowledge of the subject, or help you enhance your computer science career or shift it in a new direction.

Also, distinct from a professional certification in computer science, an academic certificate can help you determine if you want to advance your education further by pursuing a bachelor’s or master’s degree in the subject. When you take online computer science courses for credit, many schools let you transfer those credits into a computer science degree program.

What Are My Options for Earning a Computer Science Certificate Online?

There are two levels at which you can earn an online computer science certificate:

  1. The undergraduate level, for students who have a high school diploma and might pursue a bachelor’s degree in the subject
  2. The graduate level, for students who already have a bachelor’s or master’s degree and want to learn about computer science

How Will My Online Certificate in Computer Science Be Structured?

You’ll likely take four to six courses over six months to one year. In an undergraduate certificate program, you’ll likely study alongside students earning a bachelor’s degree in computer science. In a graduate certificate program, you’ll likely study alongside graduate students. In short, you’ll likely work alongside students at a similar level of knowledge, skill, and education.

What Will I Learn in an Online Computer Science Certificate Program?

In some programs, you’ll learn the basics of computer science, such as:

  • Computer science foundations
  • Programming foundations and languages
  • Advanced programming techniques
  • Fundamentals of databases, interfaces, data structures, and algorithms
  • Computer graphics
  • Operating systems
  • Information Security
  • Operating Systems
  • Software development
  • Computer networks

In others, you’ll learn about specific aspects of computer science in depth. For example, you might earn a certificate in data science, web technologies, programming, cybersecurity, or another aspect of computer science. In programs like those, you might study:   

  • Statistics
  • Website development
  • Development and monetization of apps and games
  • Data structures
  • Java I and II
  • Governance, threats, and conflict in the cyber world

These are just some of many options. For every aspect of computer science, you could potentially earn a certificate in the subject.

Find a Computer Science Certificate Online

Find a computer science certificate that works for you. Consider what you want to study and where you hope you’re certificate will take you upon successful completion. Then, find a program that perfectly suits your needs. Browse our sponsored lisitngs here today.