Earn an Online Information Sciences and Technology Certificate

As a field, information science technology faces constant change—changes that earning an online information sciences and technology certificate could help you respond to. Businesses and organizations must consistently adjust their information and technological interfaces and programs to meet the demands of consumers and industries.

They and others, even individuals, depend on professionals to help them find and utilize the most effective systems. You could be that professional who helps entities meet their goals through the effective and efficient use of information technology.

Course of Study for an Online Information Sciences and Technology Certificate

You might go in a number of directions if you pursue an information sciences and technology certificate online.

  • You could study the social, ethical, health care, and policy issues surrounding information technology to develop your capacities to act as a leader in the field.
  • You could study information science and technology as they relate to library studies. This could help you learn how to develop and manage digital components of public, academic, children’s, and other libraries and beyond.
  • You could study computer information sciences and software design and implementation while learning about state-of-the-art information technology.
  • You could study Geographic Information Science (GIS) and learn about information science as it relates to spatial sciences.

These are just some of the many possibilities. Depending on the program, certificates in these and other areas of information sciences and technology could be tacked onto an associate’s or bachelor’s degree.

How do you know which to pursue? It depends on your current education level.

You must have at least a high school diploma or associate’s degree to earn an undergraduate certificate and at least a bachelor’s degree to earn a graduate certificate. Either could enhance your existing degree or help you determine whether or not to pursue a more advanced one in information sciences and technology.

Structure of an Online Information Sciences and Technology Certificate

The great thing about a certificate is that you can broaden or deepen your knowledge without having to commit to a long-term program. Typically consisting of four to 10 courses, you can earn an online information sciences certificate in anywhere from just 10 months to up to one year of full-time study.

Some programs enable you to transfer your credits once you’ve earned them into a bachelor’s or master’s degree program. Check with your preferred school to determine your options!

Take Action Now to Learn about Information Sciences and Technology

Browse through our online information sciences certificate programs from sponsored schools to find one in a subject you love. In next to no time, you could be learning about spatial databases, IT strategy and management, digital curatorship, or cybersecurity. Don't miss out on your turn to jump right in to claim your space as technology evolves.