Types of Certificates

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Popular Types of Certificates

With such a wide variety of different types of certificate programs out there, it can be hard to narrow down exactly what you’re looking for. That’s why we’ve created this directory that features different types of popular certificates; gives you a sense of what the programs entail; and suggests the careers you may want to pursue if you earn these types of certificates. 

HVAC Certificates

HVAC – heating, ventilation and air conditioning – certificate programs may help provide students with skills and knowledge regarding the installation, maintenance and repair of temperature control equipment in the field. This type of program could be useful to students who are interested in pursuing positions as heating, ventilation and air conditioning mechanics or HVAC technicians. 

Medical Coding and Billing Certificates

Medical coding and billing certificate programs could help students learn relevant job-specific duties such as processing claims, handling patient payment plans and using medical coding software.  This type of program may be helpful to students who are interested in pursuing careers as medical records and health technicians, or for current professionals who are looking to gain more specialized knowledge in the field.

Medical Assisting Certificates

Medical assisting certificate programs could help train student to work alongside doctors and nurses to perform clinical and administrative duties – such as medical record filing and measuring vital signs – in a wide variety of healthcare settings including clinics, hospitals and physicians’ offices. This type of program may benefit students who are interested in pursuing careers medical assistants or medical transcriptionists.

Pharmacy Technician Certificates

Pharmacy technician certificate programs may help prepare students to pursue entry-level pharmacy jobs by examining the technical methodology of dispensing drugs, and helping students to develop the interpersonal skills needed to effectively work with patients in a pharmacy setting. 

Paralegal Certificates

Paralegal certificate programs could help prepare students for paralegal duties including interviewing and preparing clients, organizing transcripts or filing motions on an attorney’s behalf. Earning a certificate may be a great option for students who are looking to jumpstart their career, or for those who have already earned a paralegal degree but are looking to gain more specialized knowledge. 

Accounting Certificates

Accounting certificate programs may be well-suited to students at the undergrad level who are interested in learning core accounting and financial principles as they pursue a career in accounting.  A certificate may also be beneficial to those who have already earned their degree but are looking to enhance their accounting skills, or for those who are preparing to take the CPA exam to become a certified accountant. 

Human Resources Certificates

Human resources certificate programs generally focus on areas such as employee training, career development, compensation/benefits, and performance management tactics for students looking to pursue careers as human resources managers or human resources specialists. Earning a certificate may also be beneficial to seasoned human resources professionals who wish to broaden their knowledge and keep current on trends and policies.

ESL/TESOL Certificates

ESL or TESOL certificate programs are designed to help provide students with the knowledge and theory needed to help them pursue a career as a teacher of English as a second language.  Current ESL teachers who are interested in further enhancing their professional practice may benefit from a more specialized graduate-level certificate program. 

Special Education Certificates

Special education certificate programs may be ideal for teachers who are looking to gain the skills, knowledge and competencies they may need to meet the needs of students with disabilities.  Special education teachers who are looking to get more specialized knowledge in areas or specific disabilities may also benefit from earning a certificate in their chosen area. 

Early Childhood Education Certificates

Early childhood education certificates could be a great option for current or aspiring early childhood education professionals who want to learn more about topics including team teaching, intellectual and emotional development, lesson planning and ethics, which could be applied to careers in settings including day cares and public or private schools. 

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