Am I Suited for Online Learning?

online learningIs online learning right for me?

Earning your degree through online learning can be a convenient way to go to school, but there's still quite a deal of work involved, and it's not necessarily right for everyone. For many adult students, it can be difficult to decide between on-campus programs and online programs. (Some of us have not participated in a classroom setting in a decades—how can we know?)

Take into consideration your professional and personal situation (e.g. will you need a baby-sitter for the kids if you attend night classes at your local university?) Review your finances and family budget—financial assistance is a help, but what if your textbooks cost more than you planned?

How can you know whether you might benefit from distance learning? Start by reading the following statements and counting the ones with which you agree:

  • I am disciplined and self-motivated.
  • I am comfortable navigating the Internet and using e-mail.
  • I do not have the time to commute to classes and find parking on-campus.
  • There are no traditional colleges or universities located in my area that have the kind of degree or certification that I need.
  • I am able to learn and retain information from reading as equally as I can from listening to students talk in class.
  • The topic I want to study is offered via online school.
  • I would like my learning experience to focus on me rather than my instructor's lectures.
  • I am interested in some of the potential advantages of online learning.
  • An online course or degree program in my field would be accepted or respected.

If you agreed with more than half of the statements above, then online learning might be a great option for you to further your education - browse our degree programs to find the school and subject of study that may fit your needs best. 

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