Skills Employers Want

Do you have the skills your future employer wants?

The goal for most students who have chosen to pursue higher education is to develop the kinds of skills they'll likely need when they are ready to make their forays into the job market. However, times are changing, and with them, the expectations of your future employers. If you're looking for a job, are you sure you have the qualities that really matter? Obtaining a college degree is an excellent step in the right direction, but you should also consider what other skills and traits might be important in setting yourself apart from fellow candidates.

From your confident demeanor to a few extra tech-savvy talents on the side, here is a short look at what might give your job prospects a slight boost:

Give them a dose of digital

As the world continues to adapt to the far-reaching prowess of the Internet, computer engineers are developing new and innovative ways to help businesses grow, such as smarter website design, more inclusive inter-communication software and easier methods for connecting consumers with their favorite brands. As such, your future employer might be especially happy to know that you come equipped with a little technology know-how as well as the expertise listed on the job posting. According to Monster.comi, the more modern your knowledge is of cutting-edge programs, such as Hadoop, the better your chances are of having a set of skills that might be able to give you a leg up on your competition.

What could be better than if you could demonstrate a competency in your chosen profession, with the knowledge you've gained with your online college degree, and could also design a website at the same time? Monster also noted that your employer might be thrilled at the prospect, and although your aptitude for these skills might vary, they may still set you apart from other job seekers.

Stay poised and confident

Another quality that most employers look for is a sense of leadership. While you might not be promoted immediately, knowing that they can rely on your overall sense of confidence might help set you apart from staff members who may be more comfortable following. According to Fox Businessii, having people on the team who can take it upon themselves to solve the smaller problems also makes it easier for managers to move forward with their own tasks. These qualities are also good for other employees to be around, as well - in terms of skills-building and training, the charisma of a natural born leader can be beneficial by their influence alone.

Communication and dependability are also traits that fall in this category. When you can show your future boss that you're capable of taking on projects in stride, you've done your part to make the workplace that much more efficient. Being able to communicate also demonstrates that you're motivated, forward-thinking and, according to Fox Business, capable of putting in your own unique ideas. In this marketplace, where there are often more competitors than partners, it's important that you're giving it your all at work. This includes sharing your input with your employers, a trait that is typically highly valued.

Organizational skills a must

Although it might seem cliché to some, being able to keep all of your ducks in a row is a skill that most employers look for as a rule. Now that the traditional office has become less paper-intensive and more digitally inclined, the organizational skills of the past might have included filing cabinets and shelves, but the modern era is often more about keeping things tidy online. Even if you're not performing these skills for your employer directly, developing good habits now will help immensely if you're ever called upon to do something spontaneously, with a deadline attached. When your colleagues are scrambling to locate what they need, you'll likely have everything at the tips of your fingers. This will help set you apart from the crowd and show your employer that he or she made the right choice in bringing you aboard.

If you've noticed that these skills tend to overlap, it wasn't a coincidence. These skills, when combined, might make you the prime candidate for any position, and they can all be adapted to suit your future profession.



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