Online Degrees vs Traditional Degrees: 4 Tips to Help You Choose

Online learning is becoming a more popular option, as 6.7 million students are using it as a way to work towards a college degree.[i] Accordingly, it’s no surprise that more than 64% of traditional colleges now offer online degree programs.

If you’re deciding between pursuing your degree online or at a college campus, it’s understandable that you may be torn. Each offers advantages. For example, online learning offers the flexibility to fit your studies into your busy work or family schedule. While studying on-campus may offer more in-person opportunities for collaboration, social activities and networking.

So how do you choose? We’ve laid out the potential benefits of each, along with some information you may not be aware of and some key questions to ask yourself. Just read the infographic to get 4 tips to help you choose between online and traditional education.

Campus vs Online Colleges

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