Six Fascinating Majors Inspired By Movies

The movies we watch are more than just entertainment. They’re a unique window into other lives and other possibilities, not to mention a source for inspiration in our own lives. Knowing that, it’s no wonder that so many of our first aspirations were inspired by those same movies! If you’re still figuring out what you want to do with your life, consider taking a cue from some of your favorite films. Look to your favorite film characters, and bring your dream career off the silver screen and into reality.

Jurassic Park: Paleontologyi

With the advances in research, we know today that dinosaurs aren’t quite what the creators of Jurassic Park imagined them to be. For one, most of them had feathers! All the same, for a lot of kids, this science fiction adventure story about a group of paleontologists and their families inspired a generation of kids to learn about dinosaurs and the world they inhabited.

Of course, in reality, paleontology doesn’t typically involve running for your life on an island full of cloned raptors. Rather, it’s a broad and complex field of study, examining prehistoric organisms, and the formation and development of the earth itself. Paleontology shares skills and concepts with biology, geology, and—to a degree—even archeology. Whether you’re digging up fossils in the field, examining samples in the laboratory, or teaching others in a university or museum, paleontology could be a fascinating and dynamic field for anyone interested in learning more about ancient life forms.

Study Geology with University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Whether you’re passionate about ancient life forms or the geological record—or even both—take your first steps into these fascinating fields with the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. The Department of Geology at UNC offers a range of fascinating undergraduate programs in this area. Students at UNC have studied topics like geophysics, geological science, paleobiology, and more!

UNC has been providing a quality education to its students since it was chartered in 1789. Today, they’re known for both the education they provide and the research they foster. They offer 78 bachelors programs, 112 master’s programs, and 68 doctoral programs, as well as a range of options for professional education. While being anchored in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, UNC also has a robust offering of online education options. For more information about the degrees, programs and courses currently offered, get in touch with them.

Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom: Archaeology and Anthropologyii

Did you grow up dreaming of exploring ancient temples, discovering lost treasure to an epic, sweeping score penned by John Williams? Well, you’ve probably already guessed that the life of an archeologist is less “running from boulders” and “trap doors into snake pits” and more “academia.” All the same, archeology is still an exciting and unique field to consider.

Archeology and anthropology use scientific rigor to study and understand the way ancient societies functioned. In other words, where paleontology focuses on ancient organisms, plants, and geological eras, archeology and anthropology focus on people. Archeology centers primarily on finding, excavating, and analyzing ancient artifacts, building sites, and remains. Anthropology, meanwhile, seeks to understand how the societies that produced those artifacts functioned on a day to day basis. They might do so using culture, linguistics, or even biology!

Archeology or anthropology programs may focus on a spectrum of unique topics, such as specific regions, historical eras, or types of research, meaning you could pursue the area that interests you most. And if you want to do it all while wearing an awesome fedora like Indiana Jones did, well, that’s up to you.

Southern New Hampshire University Online Anthropology Program

SNHU offers a unique opportunity to earn a BA in Anthropology fully online! Southern New Hampshire University’s online anthropology program takes a multi-pronged approach, helping students learn to perform, analyze, and understand anthropological research, and put that knowledge into practice. Students may examine diverse cultures around the world, and discuss how anthropological data could be put into practice, to understand history and make decisions today. Students may also pursue concentrations in Environmental Sustainability and Geospatial Technologies.

Southern New Hampshire University is a private university founded in 1932. Today, they offer more than 200 undergraduate and masters programs, serving students both online and at their campus locations in Manchester, NH, and Brunswick, ME. To find out more about which programs are currently available in each format, and how to apply, contact SNHU or schedule a visit.

Dead Poets Society – English Teacher iii

Films are full of inspirational teachers, ones who use unconventional lessons to inspire teenagers and change lives. Possibly one of the most famous examples was John Keating from Dead Poets Society, which showed the impact literature and artistic expression can have on kids. Whether you grew up with teachers and mentors who inspired you in real classrooms, or emulate the fictional mentors from your favorite movies, there’s no question that as a teacher, you could make a real difference in the lives of your students.

While the requirements to teach English in a high school classroom may vary by school and state, secondary education programs across the nation tend to share a common thread. They focus on studying how students learn, and analyzing how their lives outside the classroom can impact that process. Students in secondary ed classrooms may have opportunities to take that knowledge, and practice applying it to create exciting and engaging lessons that work. So while your future classroom may not look exactly like the ones you saw on film, rest assured that you could still make a difference for each of your students.

Regent University English and Secondary Education

Regent University offers degree programs appropriate both for aspiring English teachers and current professionals. Aspiring teachers might pursue a BA in English with a concentration in Secondary Education. This program is offered on campus, and offers students the opportunity to hone their subject-area expertise and classroom practice, in a program anchored in Christian faith and values. For certified teachers already working, who want to expand their skills, a variety of graduate level online education degrees are also available.

Anchored in Virginia Beach, VA, Regent University has been widely recognized for the quality of their programs. For example, a variety of their undergraduate and graduate programs were ranked by US News & World Report 2017, including topping the list of Best Online Graduate Education Programs in Virginia. They offer programs ranging from associates to doctorate in a range of subject areas, both online and on campus. For more information on programs being offered and how to apply, contact Regent.

Legally Blonde: Legal Studies & Law iv

While TV, film, and literature are full of passionate lawyers and exciting courtroom dramas, one example from the last decade or so stands out: Elle Woods from Legally Blonde. How many of us pictured ourselves in the law classroom alongside her, finding our passion, proving ourselves, and making a difference? If you follow Elle’s example—study hard for your LSATs, do your reading, and go the extra mile—that dream might just be within reach.

Your path to law school may vary depending on your degree level, the type of law you’re interested in, and the kind of career you’d like to pursue. Whether you want to earn your JD and practice law—not to mention what kind of law you’d like to practice, or use your legal studies expertise in a corporate setting, there’s no counting the potential paths you could take.

Drexel University Masters in Legal Studies

Whether you’re interested in a non-practicing legal role, or want to represent clients in court, Drexel University may offer programs to support you. The Master of Legal Studies Program at Drexel University, available online or on campus, helps professionals understand regulations and other legal issues organizations may face, which could be applicable in a variety of roles including compliance and risk. Drexel offers a range of concentrations specific to different settings, including criminal law, cybersecurity, entrepreneurship, financial regulatory compliance, health care compliance, and issues related to sports, higher education, and human resources. Additionally, Drexel offers several on-campus JD programs for students who want to earn the credentials to practice law.

Drexel launched the Kline School of Law in 2006, with the goal of offering students the combination of rigorous academics and practical experience to thrive in the field. Students have the opportunity to study under experienced professionals, participate in co-op programs and legal clinics, where they can put their studies into practice while helping people in need. For more information on programs and concentrations offered, experiential learning opportunities, and how to apply, reach out to Drexel University.

Hidden Figures: STEMv

Unlike the other examples on this list, Hidden Figures was based on a true story—that of Katherine Johnson, Dorothy Vaughan, and Mary Jackson, and the incredible work they did to advance space exploration at NASA. This fact—that the film is anchored in reality—helps demonstrate that with hard work and education, you could follow in their footsteps.

If you’re fascinated by mathematics, physics, or engineering—or just want to see the stars—a solid STEM education might help take you there. What exactly you choose to study is up to you, hinging on your personal and professional goals. Whether you focus your efforts on mathematics, study astrophysics, or pursue engineering, with hard work and dedication, you could pursue your dreams of breaking barriers and advancing scientific research for future generations, just like they did.

Case Western Reserve University Engineering Masters Programs

The Case School of Engineering at Case Western Reserve University offers a range of bachelors and graduate engineering programs, helping students learn to create new technology that changes people’s lives—and helping professional engineers develop the leadership skills to guide their teams into the future. Students at Case could study topics like aerospace engineering, biomedical engineering, civil engineering, materials science, polymer science, electrical engineering, engineering physics, and more. At the graduate level, students could earn a Master of Science, Master of Engineering, Master of Engineering Management, or even a PhD.

Case Western Reserve University is located in Cleveland, OH. They were founded in 1826, and today serve more than five thousand undergraduate and six thousand graduate students from 91 countries. They were ranked 37th in the nation overall by US News & World Report for three years in a row.

Make Your Own Movies!

Maybe you’re not inspired by the characters in the movies you love. Maybe you’re inspired by the movies themselves! Many of the filmmakers that inspire you every day got their start because of their love of movies. Studying film could be your path to doing the same: creating art that inspires children and adults, and motivates a new generation of artists and professionals. Put your collaborative spirit, creativity and hard work to the test by pursuing a degree in film!

Full Sail University Film Production Programs

Full Sail University offers a range of film degree programs, including bachelors degree programs in areas like cinematography and film production, and a Film Production MFA program. While students may earn a bachelors in cinematography online, the film production bachelors and MFA programs are offered on campus. This enables students to gain guided, hands-on experience to supplement classroom learning, and develop their portfolio of work.

Full Sail University is based in Winter Park, Florida. They offer an array of campus and online programs at multiple levels. Areas of study include music and recording, games, art, film, technology, communication, business, and sports. Each of their programs is designed to offer students hands-on experience and to develop their creative potential.

Let Your Favorite Films Inspire Your Major

If you’re not quite sure what you want to study in college, don’t give up quite yet! Think back to all those great movies, shows, and books that inspired you growing up. Odds are, one of those might help to inspire you in choosing a field that excites you. If you’re ready to get started on your path to a new degree, fill out the form here to get matched with schools for free.

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