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List of Colleges With No GPA Requirements

Schools that have no minimum GPA requirements are different from colleges that offer automatic acceptance for all applicants. Instead, many of the schools listed below have other admissions requirements that applicants must meet, which are listed when applicable, while some really have no GPA requirements.

In addition, some schools offer a wide variety of online bachelors degrees, some of which may have no GPA requirements, while other programs do. Whenever this is the case, those different programs have been listed. However, keep in mind that schools may change their admissions requirements, so you should check the school’s website before applying.

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1. Western Governor’s University

Western Governor’s University offers over 50 online degree programs, ranging from teaching degrees to business to information technology. These online programs are designed to reward hard-working students through competency-based learning.

There are four different colleges at WGU, some of which have GPA requirements and some that don’t. The two colleges with no GPA requirements, and some of the majors related to those programs, are:

(1) College of Business

  • Business Management
  • Health Information Management
  • Accounting

(2) College of IT

  • Cybersecurity and Information Assurance
  • Data Management/ Data Analytics
  • Software Development

General Admissions Requirements

  • Interview
  • Prior work and college experience
  • Results of WGU’s Collegiate Readiness Assessment

The Teacher’s College and the College of Health Professions at Western Governor’s University have some degrees that require a 2.5 GPA in addition to the general admissions requirements.

2. Grand Canyon University

For over 65 years, Grand Canyon University has been committed to providing their students with the support they need to get ahead. With over 200 online and on-campus programs spread among seven colleges, GCU strives to develop leaders who are empathetic and global citizens.

Incoming freshmen have to meet either the minimum GPA or meet minimum test requirements to achieve full acceptance. For example, in order to avoid the minimum GPA requirements, high school students can earn either of the following:

  • 19 on the ACT
  • 1000 on the SAT (test date after 3/1/2016) on a 1600 scale

3. St. Leo University

St. Leo University is devoted to creating and contributing to a more socially just society, with values rooted in the Catholic faith. However, as a liberal arts school, it serves learners of all faiths.

While there are no minimum GPA requirements for incoming freshmen, there are other admissions requirements, such as:

  • Application
  • Official High School Transcript
  • Letter of Recommendation
  • Recommended Successful Completion of Certain Courses

4. Purdue Global University (formerly Kaplan University)

With 75 years of experience, Purdue Global is one of the nation’s best online bachelors degree programs, as ranked by U.S. News and World Report. Plus, in national surveys, Kaplan’s learners showed higher levels of satisfaction than other institutions.

While there are no GPA requirements, there are other admissions requirements, which include:

  • Completing an informational interview
  • Touring campus and/ or online learning environment
  • Being able to fluently speak, read, and write English
  • Completing financial arrangements before starting class

Some programs, such as nursing programs, may have additional requirements, such as documentation of health exams and background checks. Other programs may have other requirements.

Even though there are no minimum GPA requirements, the school still asks you to submit all official transcripts in order to prove that you have met requirements, such as a high school or GED equivalent for bachelors degree programs.

5. American Intercontinental University

American Intercontinental University (AIU) offers students a personalized education with customized course content so that you can read, watch, or listen based on how you learn best. Plus, AIU offers a more specialized curriculum, with more courses in your area of interest than at similar schools.

While there are no GPA requirements for undergraduate degree programs at AIU, you do need to show proficiency in English and math. AIU may provide you with an assessment for one, or both of the skills, which helps determine proper academic placement and whether you’ll need additional support services.

6. Colorado Technical University

Colorado Technical University wants to connect you to what matters most--a career after earning your degree. That’s why they offer a powerful professional network, faculty with real-world experience, and accessible, innovative technology.

For undergraduate admissions, CTU requires no minimum GPA. However, it is your responsibility to prove your high school graduation or equivalency diploma by sending one of the following:

  • High school transcript or diploma
  • GED transcript or certificate
  • Other written verification that demonstrates high school graduation or equivalency

8. Regis University

Established in 1877, Regis University strives to provide students with a value-centered education and encourages students to become leaders that make a positive impact in today’s changing society. Plus, Regis University has been ranked by U.S. News and World Report as a Top University in the West for 18 consecutive years.

For incoming students, there are no GPA requirements. However, incoming freshman are judged based on their:

  • High school record
  • ACT or SAT scores
  • Personal essay
  • Counselor or teacher recommendation

9. Utica College

Utica College, founded in 1946, offers 38 undergraduate majors, 31 minors, and a number of other programs. As a small, independent, private institution, Utica provides students with a high degree of personalized attention to help them succeed.

While there are no minimum GPA requirements at Utica, you are still required either to send your official transcripts showing your high school graduation date or to prove that you have earned a GED or equivalent diploma.

There are also a number of course requirements while earning your high school diploma, which are similar to standard high school requirements. These may include English, math, and science courses.

10. Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota

With a long history of providing innovation in learning, ethics, and advancing the common good, Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota offers students a variety of online programs to provide the flexibility and freedom modern students are looking for.

When applying to St. Mary’s, there are no GPA requirements. There are, however, additional documents that you should send with your application, such as your:

  • ACT or SAT scores (no minimum)
  • Official transcripts
  • 250 word essay
  • Letters of recommendation (optional)

11. Grantham University

Grantham University wants you to be excited about your online learning experience, and offers comprehensive support, simplified enrollment, and affordable tuition. In 2015, Grantham had more than 11,000 students, 93.3% of which would recommend GU to their friends.

When applying to Grantham, the general admissions requirements include no minimum GPA. In addition, GU accepts transfer students with no minimum GPA as well. However, at least 25% of the required credit hours in the undergraduate program must be completed at Grantham.

There are some degrees at GU that do have minimum GPA requirements. These include:

Nursing Degree

  • 2.5 GPA or higher

Financial Planning Degree

No minimum GPA unless you can’t meet other requirements, such as:

  • ACT composite score of 19 or higher
  • SAT score of 450 or higher
  • AFQT score of 40 or higher


Many associates and bachelors degree programs in the school of arts and sciences, such as business administration and information technology, among many others, have no minimum GPA requirements.

However, there are a number of degrees offered in the College of Health Sciences at Argosy University that have a minimum GPA requirement of 2.0 because of the competitive nature of the degrees. Other degrees, such as radiation therapy or medical assisting, offer one track that has a minimum GPA requirement and another track for admissions that has other requirements.

Find the Perfect Program for You - Colleges That Don't Require GPA Minimums

When applying to colleges, one of the most important aspects to consider is the GPA requirements listed by each school. There are many schools that have strict admissions requirements that some students simply cannot meet. However, there are a number of colleges with No GPA Requirements for incoming students.

By finding and applying to schools that match your current academic standing, you may help improve your chances of getting into the perfect college for you.

This can be especially helpful for students who may not have achieved a high enough GPA while earning a high school or GED equivalent diploma, or for adult learners returning to school for the first time in years.

Learn more about each of these colleges with no GPA requirements listed above, or others, by clicking on some of the sponsored listings on this page. There, you can learn about different degrees offered, other admissions requirements, and, best of all, you can learn how to contact your favorite schools directly to request more information so you can apply today!

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