What is DANTES?

If you’re a military service member or veteran seeking opportunities in higher education, you may be wondering how to identify and achieve your post-military goals. DANTES, which stands for Defense Activity for Non-Traditional Education Support, is committed to offering educational services, support, and opportunities for eligible military members. DANTES may be able to help you recognize your existing skills and interests, learn about possible career options, and plan for your education.

To learn more, visit:dantes.doded.mil/Homepage/Mission.html

What is Dantes and DSST?

DSST stands for DANTES Subject Standardized Tests and is commonly referred to as the DANTES test. This testing program may help eligible military members and veterans to earn undergraduate college credits by passing a subject examination that is comparable to a college final. 38 different subject examinations are available via internet-based testing (Ibt) or at National Testing Centers (NTCs) on campuses and military bases.

Prior to taking an examination, you must know your college or university’s acceptance policy for credits earned from a DANTES test. While 3 semester hours of credit per exam are typical, institutions may have varying policies regarding credits awarded and the minimum passing score for receiving credit.

To learn more about your opportunity to earn college credits by examination, visit: dantes.doded.mil/Programs/Exams_DSST.html


What if I’m unsure of my career goals?

It’s understandable that some servicemembers and veterans may feel overwhelmed by their post-military career and education options. Kuder® Journey is a career assessment and planning tool available for free to active duty members, Service members in transition, and National Guard/Reserve members. The tool can help you to evaluate your interests and abilities, helping you to discover and plan for the career that may be a good fit for you.

Learn more about career planning assistance, visit: dantes.doded.mil/Homepage/ServiceMember.html

Can DANTES help me prepare for the AFCT?

If you’re wondering how to brush up on your knowledge for the Armed Forces Classification Test (AFCT), DANTES recommends using Peterson's Online Academic Skills Course (OASC) to practice critical skills like reading comprehension, vocabulary, and math.

To Learn more visit: dantes.doded.mil/Homepage/ServiceMember.html

How do I sign up for DSST and other exams?

If you’re interesting in taking CLEP, DSST or other exams, visit: dantes.doded.mil/Programs/Exams.html to get info on testing requirements, dates, and locations.

How do I order a transcript?

Your college or university will typically require a copy of your transcript from courses or examinations such as DSST. Visit: dantes.doded.mil/Programs/Exams_TranscriptRequest.html for instructions on how to obtain your transcript.

How do I find an education center?

You can perform an easy search for education centers by service branch, country, state, or a combination of all three criteria. Use these parameters to find an education center that serves your branch and/or location.

To search the directory of education centers, visit: dantes.doded.mil/Resources/EdCenters.aspx

Where can I find resources on colleges, financial aid, and other topics?

You can visit The Education Counselor's Tool Box to find resources and information on a variety of topics pertaining to your college search, financial aid, academic accreditation, and much more. These helpful links and information sources may help military members and veterans navigate their many educational options.

Visit The Education Counselor’s Tool Box: dantes.doded.mil/Resources/EdLink.html#Toolbox