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Pursuing an Social Media Degree Online or e-commerce degree may be a great way to prepare for new challenges in business, marketing, and beyond. As you probably know, today’s customers may shop online, interact with companies using internet tools, and share their experiences on social media. If you want to understand how to reach these customers, you may want to study social media strategies, as well as e-business and e-commerce technology! You may even explore how to use social media and e-business strategies in particular industries, like healthcare. And, you might study business and marketing basics – from business writing to management ethics!

Social Media Marketing Insight

With such a big decision to make about your future career, we thought to ask Social Media Manager, Bruce Kennedy for some expert advice on how to grow a brand using social media

"The thing people forget when they but on their brand handle is everyone knows you are not your brand. You are a real person acting on behalf of the brand, don't forget to act like it!"
Bruce Kennedy - Social Media Degree Online
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- Bruce Kennedy, Social Media Manager at Cision


What Social Media Degree Online and Ecommerce Degrees Might I Pursue?

You may be able to find a social media degree online and e-commerce programs at different levels and areas of focus. Let’s start with degree levels. You might encounter the following:

Bachelors – A bachelors degree in social media or e-commerce may introduce you to topics like audience analytics, social media marketing strategies, and much more. You may also take general courses in areas like statistics, economics, and information literacy.

Graduate – Graduate degree programs in social media or e-commerce may include masters and doctoral programs. In both types of program, you may take graduate-level courses in areas like social networking, communication technologies, data analysis, and buyer behavior. However, a PhD program may require more years of study and research – particularly when it comes to writing and defending your dissertation! 

Certificate – A certificate is a non-degree program that may help you brush up on a professional area. You may find e-commerce and social media certificate programs with courses like Social Media Strategies, Communication Planning, and more.

Now, on to areas of focus! Each program may have a slightly different emphasis, ranging from social media management to e-commerce technology. Some programs may focus more on the technical side – for example, you may learn how to develop a website or manage web applications. Other programs may focus more on the communications side, like writing for social media.


We asked Katherine Sullivan, CEO of Marketing Solved:

How can you be successful working in social media?

"For people pursuing social media - one thing that has helped me be successful is to always stay on top of the latest trends. While it's difficult to navigate this fast paced and always changing landscape - surrounding yourself in communities of other social media professionals will help you learn the latest changes and strategies that are working right now.

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What are some of the personal skills required to be successful in social media?

Personal skills required for social media are the ability to learn new things quickly and being able to adapt to changes seamlessly.
Katherine Sullivan, CEO of Marketing Solved
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Katherine Sullivan, CEO of Marketing Solved

Why Study E-commerce and Social Media Online?i

Pursuing an online social media degree or e-commerce degree may be a way to prepare for potential roles and career challenges. For example, advertising, promotions, and marketing managers may need sharp analytical and communication skills, and the ability to make strategic decisions! So, they often pursue courses in technology, marketing, consumer behavior, and more.

Ready to Pursue a Social Media Degree Online or E-commerce Degree?

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