Ecommerce Online Bachelor Degrees & Social Media Bachelor Degree Programs

Attention prospective business majors: earning a Social Media Bachelor Degree Online or exploring eCommerce Bachelor Degree Programs may help you prepare for the challenges of conducting business in today’s connected world. In an online ecommerce degree program, you could explore the traditional elements of business while also learning the ropes of buying, selling, and marketing online.

And an online social media marketing degree program might help you discover how to harness the power of social sharing. You could look at case studies from Facebook, YouTube, and more, plus learn how to inspire new audiences online! Sound good? Then it’s time to learn more about these potential paths.

Social Media Bachelors Online

What You May Study in Social Media Bachelor Degree Online Programs

A bachelors degree program with a focus on social media may help you prepare for new challenges in business and marketing. You could study reputation management, corporate communications, social media management, and more. In addition to your online social media courses, you could potentially take other business courses in your Social Media Bachelor Degree Online, like accounting, finance, and more. Here are some courses you might find in a social media marketing degree program:

  • Search engine optimization
  • Social media marketing strategies
  • Web analytics
  • Web design
  • Principles of marketing
  • And more!

What You May Learn in Online Ecommerce Degree Programs

A bachelors degree program in ecommerce may involve several areas of study, from core business courses to information technology and e commerce courses online. You could prepare for traditional business challenges, like management, finance, and marketing. Plus, you could potentially ready yourself for the online marketplace with courses like:

  • Mobile web design
  • Electronic commerce
  • Computer science
  • Information assurance
  • Mass communication
  • And more!

Potential Benefits of Taking Social Media and E Commerce Courses Online

Social media degree online programs and online ecommerce programs may make a lot of sense, since both areas of study involve the internet. Whether you’re studying the ins and outs of social media communication or learning how to design a mobile ecommerce tool that shoppers love to use, you’ll probably need to use a computer! So why not study from home? In fact, both business and information technology are among the top ten most popular online majors.* You could also potentially enjoy the flexibility of taking your courses at the times that work best for you – perfect if you have a busy schedule!

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* Clinefelter, D. L. & Aslanian, C. B., (2016). Online college students 2016: Comprehensive data on demands and preferences. Louisville, KY: The Learning House, Inc.