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Earning an ecommerce or social media masters degree online may be a perfect way to learn how to reach customers in an online marketplace! You may explore traditional subjects like advertising and newer disciplines like mobile marketing and other emerging media. You may even have a chance to study the technical side of social media and ecommerce. For example, you might try your hand at website development and database management. Sound exciting? Then let’s learn more about online ecommerce and social media graduate programs!

What You May Learn in a Social Media Masters Degree Online Program

Social media may have a big impact on how customers shop, interact with companies, and share their brand experiences. Pursuing a social media masters degree may help you navigate this new terrain! For example, you might study ways to connect a company’s brand and its communications. You might explore how to segment your customer base so you can use social media to reach them in different ways. You may even conduct original research on a topic that interests you!

Here are some courses you might take in an online masters in social media management or marketing program:

  • Customer relationship management
  • Predictive modeling
  • Buying behavior
  • Interactive and direct marketing
  • Business writing
  • And more

What You May Learn in an Online Ecommerce Masters Program

Ecommerce graduate program may share some things in common with social media masters programs. For example, both programs may cover business communications, data analysis, and marketing techniques. However, an ecommerce program may also focus on key areas of electronic business, like infrastructure, e-commerce technology, and web development.

Here are a few sample courses you may encounter:

  • Databases, security, and web design
  • Strategies for electronic commerce
  • Marketing analytics
  • International business
  • Creative multimedia
  • And more

Pursuing an Ecommerce or Social Media Masters Degree Online

Of course, ecommerce and social media are both internet-based. So, pursuing an ecommerce or social media masters degree online may make a lot of sense. Here are some other potential benefits of online learning:

Flexibility. Already working in business or another field? If so, pursuing your ecommerce or social media marketing masters degree on campus might be tough. Online learning may offer flexibility for busy students!

Tech tools. Hoping to try technology tools and platforms that may be useful in a future role? Online ecommerce and social media graduate programs may introduce you to platforms like Hootsuite, and other tools you can use from the comfort of home.

Self-motivated. Online learning may call for motivation, good time management, and organization skills. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, these qualities are important for roles such as Advertising, Promotions, and Marketing Manager!i

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