Find Entrepreneurship Doctoral Programs

Earning your PhD in entrepreneurship online may be one way to make an impact as a business leader, scholar, and innovator! In an online entrepreneur PhD program, you may study leadership challenges, organization theory, strategic management, and more, while exploring the ever-changing business landscape. Potential student goals may vary from starting a new venture to teaching business and entrepreneurship at the postsecondary level. Sound good? Then let’s learn more about online entrepreneurship doctoral programs, and what to potentially expect!

What is a PhD in Entrepreneurship Online?

A PhD is a terminal degree that may emphasize research in your area of expertise – in this case, the theory and practice of entrepreneurship. A PhD program in entrepreneurship may have several parts. First of all, you may take various seminars and courses that may introduce you to topics in business, research practices, and more. Every entrepreneur PhD program may be a bit different, but you might study areas like:

  • Developing economies
  • Organizational behavior
  • Entrepreneurial ventures
  • Technological and innovational change
  • Statistics
  • Research methods
  • And more!

In some cases, doctoral candidates may have to pass an examination. You may then research, write, and defend an original dissertation, on an area of professional and scholarly interest. Keep in mind that some entrepreneurship doctoral programs may have additional requirements, like teaching or residencies.

Earning a PhD in Entrepreneurship Online

Online learning may offer busy, working students a little flexibility as they pursue their degrees. (If a traditional student schedule doesn’t seem to fit in your life, pursuing a PhD entrepreneurship online may be the perfect path!) Here are a few other potential benefits to consider:

Independence. Doctoral-level studies may be research-intensive, which could call for some serious “alone time!” Online entrepreneurship doctoral programs may be perfect for independent-minded candidates.

Short-term Residencies. Your online PhD in entrepreneurship program may require brief residencies, which may be a chance to seek mentorship and support from faculty and peers.

Tech Tools. Students may enjoy learning tools like message boards, LMSs (Learning Management Systems), and mobile tools as they pursue their studies online.*

Ready to Get Started?

Whether you’re hoping to start your own business, pursue a change-making role in an existing organization, or research new entrepreneurial solutions, earning a PhD entrepreneurship online just might be the start of something exciting! Check out some sponsored listings to find the program that may be perfect for you.

* Clinefelter, D. L. & Aslanian, C. B., (2016). Online college students 2016: Comprehensive data on demands and preferences. Louisville, KY: The Learning House, Inc.