Earning an Online Associates in Management Information Systems (MIS)

Associates in Management Information Systems Online Programs may be a great academic fit for students interested in learning business administration and basic web design using current software tools. An associate degree is considered entry-level for some careers in computer and information technology such as web development.[i] Whether you hope to enter the workplace after graduation or continue your education, an online associates degree in management information systems offers a convenient alternative to on campus study. If you enjoy using computers and solving complex problems, an MIS associates degree is well worth considering.

Associates in Management Information Systems: Basics

FACT: 20% of webmasters hold an associates degree[ii](O'Net)

What Is the study of Management Information Systems?

As an academic field, management information systems focuses on how computer technology may be best optimized in order to provide the most benefit to a business as well as the importance of working in a team environment. Courses in an Associates in Management Information Systems degree are generally designed to equip you to understand basic concepts of topics such as:

  • Data communications
  • Network design
  • Computer systems
  • Business software applications
  • Computer programming
  • Math

Types of Associates in Management Information Systems - MIS Online ProgramsT

Depending on the school, you might find Associate in Management Information Systems degrees offered as Associate of Science (A.S.), Associate of Arts (A.A.) or Associate of Applied Science in Business Management Information Systems – the latter being very common.

Online Associate of Arts in Management Information Systems

Most accredited schools require some general education classes in areas of math, language arts, humanities and behavioral sciences, although you may find more social sciences in an A.A. in MIS than in a science degree. Students may also expect to complete a set of business classes in topics that could include:

  • Financial and managerial accounting
  • Marketing
  • Business law and economics
  • Management fundamentals
  • Microcomputer applications
  • Networking and project management.

Associate of Applied Science in Management Information Systems

Both the A.S. and the A.A.S in MIS degrees incorporates introductory business, finance and technology coursework. Specific topics might include the following:

  • Accounting
  • Computer information systems
  • Computer maintenance
  • Word processing applications
  • Database design
  • Internet applications
  • Programming logic
  • Basics of e-commerce

What Skills Might I learn in an Associate MIS program?

It is possible that online students of Management Information Systems pick up both technical and transferable skills through an associates degree program. On the technology side, students may learn technical skills in:

  • C++
  • JAVA
  • UNIX and Linux
  • Visual Basic
  • Html

On the more project management and business side, it is likely to learn basics of effective communication, analytical thinking, and teamwork. These positive qualities can be useful and translate to success in any career field, especially if you hope to work in computer support.[iii]

About Online Associates in Management Information Systems

One of the things to know about online programs is that they usually cover the same material as campus-based programs. However, you do have the flexibility to choose when and where you study and complete your assignments. Distance learning requires skills such as time management and self-discipline, because you are responsible for turning on your computer in the first instance and setting your own pace after that.

In terms of requirements, some programs may have specific technical necessities that could include access to e-mail, Internet and a reliable computer. Some classes may require you to have specific software (Microsoft Excel or Access). Make sure to inform yourself as to whether there are any onsite requirements – whether this is for computer lab or group team building.


Look for an accredited program or school. In the event you want to continue your education or sit for any certification exams it may be necessary to have specific academic credentials. Regional and state agencies can accredit institutions. The agencies responsible for accrediting business schools are:

  • The Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB)[iv]
  • Accreditation Council for Business Schools & Programs (ACBSP)[v]
  • International Assembly for Collegiate Business Education (IACBE).[vi]

After graduation

If you decide to enter the workplace after graduation, you might be qualified for IT support positions, which have a favorable job outlook over the next few years. [vii]Graduates of Associate in Management Information Systems programs have the option of continuing their education with a bachelor's degree in management information systems. Most associate's degree program credits are easily transferable. Many of the entry-level roles in IT do require education beyond the associate level so if you have ambitions of working as a computer network architect, information systems manager or computer programmer or database administrator, you may have to keep on learning.[viii]

Take the Next Step

If you consider the possibilities of enrolling in an MIS Associates Degree Program, and the convenience of an online education, it makes it easy to take that next step! Review your options today so you can find a program that aligns with your goals.

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