Earn an Online Bachelor In Business Information Systems

Online Bachelor in Business Information Systems Degree Programs may be a great fit for students interested in management and information technology. Considered the entry-level credential for many computer and IT jobs[i], management information systems (MIS) students learn to use computer technology, business management and problem-solving strategies to help make or improve managerial decisions. If you are a busy working or cannot commute to a traditional classroom, an Online Bachelors degree in Business Information Systems is worth considering.

Online Bachelor In Business Information Systems Program Basics

Interested in enrolling in an Online Bachelor In Business Information Systems Program? A bachelor's of science in management of information system degree often combines business and computer information systems core requirements, with formats varying between schools and universities. Full-time coursework takes four years to complete. Prospective applicants need a high school diploma or equivalent. In addition to coursework, some programs may offer internship opportunities for real-time experience working with skilled professionals, allowing developing students job-based educational experiences. 

FACT: Most database administrators have a bachelor’s degree in management information systems (MIS) or a computer-related field.[ii]

About MIS

MIS is the abbreviation for ‘management information systems’ and is used in the academic study of businesses and the information technology and computer systems (e.g. e-commerce) that are used by them. Often, there is a strong managerial component – for instance, deciding how to use technology to meet certain goals. As a result, if you are looking into Online Bachelor in Business Information Systems, you may be able to earn them through accredited business schools.

What Is a Business Information System?

Business Information systems (BIS) are utilized in organizations to facilitate communications, business strategy, and make them all around more efficient and productive. Students of online business information systems (BIS) degree programs learn to plan, develop, and operate these systems. Skills and knowledge might include:

  • Information systems management
  • Business analytics / business management
  • Practical troubleshooting
  • System design
  • Database design
  • Web applications (e.g. servers, storage)

Types of Online Business Information Systems Bachelors Degrees

Online Bachelors degrees in Business Information Systems may be offered as either a:

  • Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in Business Information Systems
  • or as a Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in Business Information Systems.

B.S. in Business Information Systems

A bachelors of science in Business Information Systems focuses on both computer systems and business concepts, and may prepare students for potential careers in IT, management and business. Some of the courses that may be offered could include topics such as:

  • Computer science
  • Database management
  • Data analysis
  • Business data storage
  • Microeconomics and business finance
  • C++ programming
  • Accounting and statistics
  • Web systems development
  • Electronic commerce and electronic communication
  • Networking
  • Database management
  • IT project management
  • Global information systems management

B.A. in Business Information Systems

The Bachelor of Arts in Business Information Systems may incorporate more understanding of the interaction, technology planning, development, and operations of information systems as well as how information is shared within a business or organization. Students may find this route offers an opportunity to develop project management skills that might be useful in an IT security analyst role, management or consulting.[iii]

Some of the courses that are offered may include topics such as:

  • Business law
  • Contract procurement
  • Information technology planning
  • Networking
  • E-commerce strategies
  • Strategic data uses
  • Business management/leadership
  • Problem solving
  • Implementing new or existing information systems within businesses and organizations.


You may want to keep in mind 3 major accrediting agencies for business programs:

  1. The Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB)[iv]
  2. Accreditation Council for Business Schools & Programs (ACBSP)[v]
  3. International Assembly for Collegiate Business Education (IACBE)[vi]

About Online Education

Online bachelor in business information systems programs may vary between colleges. In many cases, course material and assignments are delivered via web portal, and you communicate with others using email, web chat, texts, and online group discussions. Some courses use supportive textbooks and manuals, while others make use of ebooks and online research. In the event your program offers pre-recorded lectures, you get access 24/7 so study is at the pace you set. In other programs, there may be on-campus requirements whether to participate in team-building exercises or computer labs. Stay informed and be aware of what is required. For self-motivated working students, distance learning could be a fantastic alternative to a regular commute!

Looking Ahead

If continued education is important to you, completion of your Bachelors degree may serve as a springboard to graduate school. Master's MIS degree programs typically blend business and technology concepts as well but at a more advanced level. Earning a graduate degree might prepare you to develop advanced planning, organizational, and technical skills.

Take the Next Step

If you are looking for a program that blends logical thinking, computer skills and business and management, majoring at the business information systems at the bachelor's degree level may be a great way to pave a bright future in IT. If the convenience of studying from wherever you have a reliable Internet connection sweetens the deal, take the next step and find a program that aligns with your goals.

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