Online PhD in International Business

Online PhD in international business classes introduce students to all of the challenges facing businesses that operate on a global scale. As technology has created an interrelated and interdependent world, this comprehensive education moves to address research techniques to develop strategies that solve management, marketing, finance, and economics challenges around the world.

Online PhD in International Business

What Is International Business?

International business is the profitable business operations in different countries through understanding the various legal, political, financial, and cultural differences, as well as the unique challenges each may present.

Online PhD in International Business: The Essentials

Most online doctorate degree programs in international business require that applicants have earned a masters degree. Some programs also require that you maintained a minimum GPA while earning your masters, achieved a minimum score on your GMATs, and have a certain number of years of professional experience.

Typically, doctoral programs are developed for part-time students who have full-time jobs. However, some PhD programs are designed for full-time students. Whichever you decide is the program for you, most programs are designed so that you may earn your degree in three to five years. Earning an online PhD in international business may prepare you academic or corporate careers because courses focus on theoretical knowledge through a research-based curriculum complimented by quantitative methods.

Common Courses While Earning Your Doctorate in International Business

Typically, courses you may take while pursuing your online PhD in international business focus on developing a complete understanding of the theories of business and applying those theories to find opportunities in the global business landscape. Some of the common courses you may take include:

  • Advanced Qualitative Methods
  • Foreign Direct Investment
  • Seminar in Multinational Finance
  • Seminar in Global Business Strategy
  • Theories of Globalization

While these may be common courses, it’s important to remember that each program is different. Click on any of the sponsored listings on this page to learn more about the curriculum and graduation requirements of individual online PhD in international business programs.

Dissertation and Examinations

Upon completing all required coursework, many doctoral programs require that you write, present, and defend a dissertation to a board of faculty members. Some programs also require that you pass a series of comprehensive examinations in a number of different components of international business.

Different Doctorate in International Business Degree Names

When it comes to earning your doctorate degree in international business, you may find that there are three common types of degrees awarded, which are:

  • Doctor of Business Administration: DBA in International Business
  • Doctor of Philosophy: PhD in International Business
  • Doctor of Management: DM in International Business

While all three are academically equivalent degrees, there are differences in their approach. For instance, PhD and DBA degrees are typically research-based degrees that may require a dissertation at the completion of all required coursework, whereas some, but not all, DM programs require one.

Also, DBA and DM degrees may focus on preparing you to enter a leadership role in the public or private sector, whereas PhD programs typically prepare you for an academic career.

Take the Next Step to Earn Your Online PhD in International Business!

Pursuing a doctorate in international business may provide you a complete understanding of the many challenges facing organizations that operate on a global scale. Through research of theories and principles, plus assignments based on applying those theories to real world problems, earning your online doctorate in international business may prepare you for a number of different roles.

To find a perfect online PhD in international business program, click on any of the sponsored listings. There, you’ll find program descriptions, courses, and you’ll even be able to contact the school directly to request more information.