Operations Managements Associates Degree Online

If you enjoy the idea of helping and bringing out the best in companies and individuals, then a career as an operations manager might be an ideal fit for your personality and career goals. Operations managers are tasked with overseeing everything from products, services, people, processes and supply chains, which may be just what you’re looking for if you’re someone who enjoys variety in the workplace.

Before embarking on a career, you are likely to need the proper education foundation, and an Operations Management Associates Degree Online can be an efficient way to lay that foundation. Schools that offer an online associates degree in operations management usually feature courses focused on instructing students on the basics of business management and logistics, which encompasses accounting, software applications and management[i].

Common Coursework for an Operations Management Associates Degree Online

As you start to look for an Operations Management Associates Degree Online, bear in mind that schools may not refer to them as operations management. Examples of programs that often overlap with the study area include supply chain management, logistics, construction management and procurement[ii].

Examples of coursework you may complete in an online associates program for construction management includes construction estimating, construction methods and materials, building codes and construction documents. Depending on the program, there’s also a chance you might learn about computer-aided design, which may better help you comprehend construction graphics techniques[iii].

If the construction industry’s not in the scope of your interests, you could be more interested in enrolling in an online supply chain management program. Areas of study in such programs may consist of cost accounting, business law, composition, microeconomics and customer service strategies in logistics management. There’s also a chance you could be taught by instructors with real-world experience in your chosen field[iv].

Should you be more interested in a more general associates degree program for operations management, there are online business administration programs available at the associates degree level. Such programs often instruct students on the fundamentals of business administration, including communication skills, critical thinking and decision-making abilities. Specific courses for these programs could include international business communications, marketing, accounting and human resources management[v].

Skills and Qualities for Those With an Operations Management Associates Degree Online

Before you invest time and money into earning an undergraduate degree in operations management, you may be curious as to the specific qualities and skills you’re likely to need as a professional in the field. Such qualities and skills include:

  • Speaking efficiently with others to effectively communicate information
  • Active listening in order to understand what others are saying
  • Reading and comprehending written ideas and information
  • Being able to solve, sense and recognize problems
  • Remaining perceptive during social interactions

What Industries May Employ People Who Earn an Associate’s Degree in Operations Management?

While you usually only have to have a high school diploma to qualify for jobs as a material recording clerk , you may like the idea of using your operations management education to help businesses keep their supply chains on schedule. The job also entails making sure inventories remain accurate and creating production and inventory reports[viii].

Another industry that commonly employs those with undergraduate degrees in operations management is quality control[ix] . As a quality control manager, you’re likely to be tasked with checking products and materials for defects and specification deviations in order to ensure optimum quality. Managers also keep an eye on company operations to ensure all production standards are met[x].

Earning an associates degree in operations management could be the first step in a satisfying professional and educational career as you help companies operate smoothly and efficiently. Online degree programs are often a great fit for students who live far from their schools of choice and those who might be looking for ways to save money on the cost of earning a degree.

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