Earn an Online PhD in Sports Management

Earning an online PhD in sports management may help you to unite two passions: sports and business. Whether you’re interested in pursuing a potential career path in the sports industry, teaching the principles of sports management at the college level, or something else, sport management PhD programs may be worth looking into.

You could explore areas ranging from professional sports marketing and management to trends in recreation, like corporate fitness programs! And, chances are that you may conduct original research into an area of sports management that interests you.

What to Potentially Expect from an Online PhD in Sports Management

A PhD in sports management is typically a research-oriented degree that may help students pursue new academic and professional challenges in the world of sports. Various sports management doctoral programs may have different areas of focus. For example, a program focused on teaching and research may require you to take courses in educational administration, in addition to seminars on sports business. On the other hand, programs focused primarily on sports leadership may offer courses in sports finance, change management, and even coaching dynamics.

What Courses Will I Study?

Here’s a sampling of courses you might discover in an online PhD in sports management:

  • Sports economics
  • Facility and event management
  • Diversity in sports
  • Sport management pedagogy
  • Sport consumer research
  • Research statistics and methodology
  • And more!

Other Requirements

In order to earn your online PhD in sports management, you may be required to pass an examination, in addition to researching, writing, and defending a dissertation. And, wondering about prerequisites for enrolling in sport management PhD programs? These may vary by program, but in some cases you may need to hold a master’s degree and submit test scores such as the GRE or GMAT, among other admission requirements.

Why Pursue a Doctorate in Sports Management Online?

Online learning just might be the perfect fit for busy, working students, or those who live far from campus. Every program may be a bit different, but some doctorate in sports management online programs may feature:

All courses online. If a residency is not feasible for you, you may be able to pursue a completely online sports management doctoral program.

Flexibility. You may be able to pursue sports management coursework and research according to your own schedule.

Connectedness. Tools like Skype and Blackboard may make it easy to communicate and collaborate with faculty.

Ready to Pursue Your PhD in Sports Management Online?

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