Bachelors in Curriculum and Instruction Degree Online

If you’re an aspiring teacher, you may be interested in earning your bachelors degree in curriculum and instruction online. A lot of thought goes into designing lesson plans and developing effective curriculum. Students earning a bachelors degree in curriculum and instruction online are taught the cornerstones of how to plan curriculum and assess student results. Typically one of the more common first-cycle degrees [i],  a bachelor’s degree in instructional design might be able to help you prepare to pursue certain careers in teaching and eventually eduation administation. [ii]

Bachelors Degree in Curriculum and Instruction Online Programs

Something you'll want to look for when researching this type of program is the name of the program itself. Programs in curriculum and instruction might not only be referred to as bachelor’s of curriculum and instruction; some may have names such as bachelor’s of instructional design. When comparing different programs, make sure you contact the school to see what the name of their programs might mean for you. 

Coursework for an Online Bachelors in Instructional Design

Since programs can vary between schools, not every course of study you see might have the same offerings or requirements. In general, though, you may expect an online bachelor’s degree program to provide both a broad, general education, and to dive deeply into the subject of curriculum and instruction. Some of the class topics you might expect could include: 

  • Educational issues
  • e-Learning
  • Design concepts
  • Educational technology
  • Assessment
  • Evaluation
  • Adult learning
  • Project management

Bachelors in Curriculum and Instruction Online degree programs might also include a capstone, which may typically be a large-scale project at the end of their course of study.

Possible On-Campus Requirements

Though an online bachelors degree in instructional design is earned through distance learning, some programs may have requirements that must be met in person. This might include fieldwork or in-class experience. If this could potentially have an impact on whether or not you’d be able to complete a specific program, be sure to contact the school directly and check what offline requirements they might have.

Potential Outcomes for Bachelors Degree in Curriculum and Instruction Students

You may be curious what you might be able to do after completing a Bachelor’s in Curriculum and Instruction Online. One possible next step might be to try to earn a higher-level degree, possibly by enrolling in a master’s in instructional design program. These higher-level degree programs may help you pursue a career as an instructional coordinator, and they might demand a bachelor’s degree as a prerequisite to enroll. [iii]

There may be careers in the field that you could pursue without having first earned a master’s degree, though. One of these might be as a training and development manager.  The entry-level education for this position may typically be a bachelor’s degree, although some employers might prefer a master’s degree.iv Training and development managers typically work in organizations to help further the skills and know-how of their fellow employees.  Of those polled by O*Net, 63% reported needing a bachelor’s degree to qualify for their position.  The median annual salary in 2015 for training and development managers was $102,640. [vii]

Another career you might pursue could be as a training and development specialist. Similarly requiring a typical entry-level education of a bachelor’s degree, [viii]  training and development specialists might assist with the administration of programs to help educate an organization’s employees. [ix]  Of those polled by O*Net, 58% had earned a bachelor’s degree, and their median annual wages in 2015 were $58,210. [xi] 

Researching Online Programs

If you’re done learning about what it might take to earn an online bachelor’s degree in curriculum and instruction, you might be ready to start actually comparing different schools and programs. Fortunately for you, it’s possible to get started right here on, by checking out our sponsored listings.  Take a look at the different options, and, if you want to know more, reach out to schools for additional information!

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