Online Doctorate in Education in Elementary Education

An Online Elementary Education Doctorate Degree is a terminal degree awarded in elementary education. As a result, it provides seasoned educators the chance to develop as leaders in their field. In addition to domestic and international schools, graduates may go on to use their skills and know-how in other settings. Some of these might include Pre-K-12 school districts and educational non-profits.

What is an Online Elementary Education Doctorate Degree?

The online Doctorate in Education in Elementary - K12 Education is designed for current professionals. Also, for those who not only aspire to lead but to connect relevant research with practice. Hence, in addition to their Masters degree, a candidate may be required to have a work history of three to five years.

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How Long Might it Take to Earn a Doctor of Education in Elementary-K12 Education?

A full-time student may be able to complete an online Doctorate in Education in Elementary - K12 Education in under three years.

Program Structure of an Online Elementary Education Doctorate Degree

Some Online Elementary Education Doctorate Degree programs are based on the cohort system. In this format, students progress through their courses together. As a result, they may provide feedback or support. In addition, students may have to attend brief visits to campus.

Course Work

There are usually a few pieces to a PHD in elementary education. While these vary by school and program, they tend to include three main aspects.

  1. Basic courses in education leadership
  2. Courses that address Elementary-K12 Education
  3. Dissertation courses

While core courses vary, they may cover education policy, statistics and program evaluation. Hence, these courses also assist students with their research for the dissertation.

What Might I Do with a Doctor in Elementary - K12 Education?

Some schools offer extra credentials along with the online Doctorate in Educational Leadership in Elementary - K12 Education degree. While these entail extra credits, they may also offer a boost to a current career. Some examples are listed below.

  • Supervisor of Education Certification
  • Superintendent Letter of Eligibility

Earn Your Doctorate in Education: Elementary-K12 Education

Do you aspire to plan, direct or organize the activities and curricula in a school or school district? Most of all, school leaders are the public face of their school. Much as they take charge of standards, they may be the ones to meet with legislators to request funds. As these may be among your goals, browse through paid programs. Find an online Doctorate in Education in Elementary - K12 Education that may help you meet your objective. Then, use the on-page form to request more information.