Online TESOL Doctoral Programs & Degrees

PhD in TESOL Online programs focus on advanced language acquisition and education research. Programs might look at pedagogy, TESOL methodology, curriculum development, sociolinguistics, and more. Some may focus on ways to apply research findings in the field and help people every day. Others may look at conducting and analyzing that research. What both paths have in common is a drive to help real people communicate effectively.

What to Expect in PhD in TESOL Online Programs

Online TESOL doctoral programs, whether they’re application or research-oriented, have one goal in mind. And that’s to help people communicate. TESOL doctoral programs aim to equip passionate educators with the skills they need to make a difference. How they go about doing that is what differentiates each program.

Some might take an academic approach in ESL Doctoral Programs, using research to figure out how people learn a second language and how to facilitate that process. They might look at research methodologies, and use sociolinguistics to examine the social and educational impact of language barriers on different types of people.

Other doctor in education, english as a second language, programs might focus on understanding that research in a more practical way. That is, how to use research data to inform real word strategies. This could be in the classroom, in the workforce, in government and social services, and more. As a result, your individual path of study in a TESOL doctoral program might vary.

Types of TESOL PhD Online Programs & Degrees

TESOL doctoral programs might issue a few different degree types upon completion. While in many cases the differences may be nominal, sometimes the type of degree is an indicator of what you might learn in that program. To help you choose, here’s a basic guide to each degree type.

  • TESOL EdD programs, or Doctor of Education programs, may tend to focus on taking TESOL research and applying it in the real world to help people. These programs might look at designing and adapting curriculum for language learners at different levels. They could also discuss through teaching English language learners in the classroom. Or they might focus on evaluating language learning programs and accommodations to recommend improvements.
  • PhD TESOL programs may tend to take a more academic approach. In other words, they might tend to focus on performing and analyzing education and language research, so that other educators can use those findings to make strategic decisions.

Keep in mind that these general descriptions might not apply in every case. Each school may design their programs a little differently, depending on their preferences and goals. So while you’re searching, keep your interests and goals at the front of your mind when deciding where to apply. And follow up with the programs you’re considering with any questions or concerns.

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