Online Associates Degree in General Education

When you earn your online associates in general education, you will be exposed to a variety of supportive teaching strategies that address many student needs. Classes in psychology, instructional technology, and curriculum could help you create a classroom for a diverse student body. In addition to these classes, you could have the chance to try your hand at fundamental courses that are commonly taught in schools like language arts, history, math, and science. Classes outline the best practices of how to effectively teach K-12 students.

What Is an Online Associates in General Education?

An online associates in general education offers courses that teach the basic skills and knowledge that are necessary to competently instruct a classroom. Classes help students understand different teaching methods to better cater to students' unique and diverse learning capabilities. This way, students may be able to effectively teach material in a way that is inclusive of each learner and his or her level of thinking. And, these techniques may also help you create a safe, welcoming environment that fosters a learning atmosphere.

Some of these basic courses could include some of the following.

  • Principles of Education
  • Learning Theory
  • Psychology of Education
  • Instructional Technology
  • Developing Curriculum
  • Language Arts
  • History
  • Basic Algebra
  • General Science

Courses may differ by school.

Unlike other teaching degree programs, online associates in general education may not have a student teaching requirement. This means that your program could remain entirely online. Be sure to speak with prospective programs for more course details.

Applying for an Online General Education Associates

Many students who apply for an online associates in general education may be doing so before graduating high school. Or, they may be looking at an associates degree to enhance their GPA before applying to a bachelors program. Due to this, associates programs generally require students to submit a 2.0 high school GPA in addition to SAT scores.

Graduation Timeline

Since the online associates in general education may only cover the fundamentals of education, the program typically requires students to complete 60 credit hours. This means that students could potentially earn a degree in 2 years. Program length varies by institution though, so always consult with the school

Did you know?

In 2009, Americans answered that teachers were the #1 contributor to society’s well-being.

Online General Education Transfer Program

While an online associates in general education might be a great foundation, many students who earn this degree transfer their credits to an online bachelors in general education. Programs that are designed to allow this are called online associate degree general education transfer programs.

It’s important to note that entry-level K-12 teaching positions may require a bachelors degree.i For more information about continuing education, check out the online general education bachelors degree page.

Online Associates Degree in General Education: Next Steps

An online associates in general education could help you develop the skills and knowledge to start your journey in the world of education. To browse potential programs, check out the links on this page. Clicking a link provides you with a brief description about your chosen program.

While you’re there, you could also request additional information. This could be a great way to find out more about admissions deadlines, curriculum, and graduation requirements.