Earn Masters in School Counseling Degree Online

An online masters in school counseling program may help you understand how to help students achieve their goals and overcome personal and academic challenges. Students in a master’s program may study the theory and practice of counseling, as well as research into this evolving field and its applications in diverse settings.

What Might I Learn in an Online Masters in School Counseling Program?

Students may study the role of a school counselor, and how various counseling skills are applied in different situations and settings. You may also explore problems children and adolescents contend with, like:

  • Cyber bullying
  • Self-esteem issues
  • Drug use
  • Anger management

Types of Programs

Programs may also focus on culturally-sensitive models and methods for counseling students from diverse backgrounds. And, you may study risk factors that affect students’ social, emotional, and educational development.

The specifics of what you learn may depend on your specific school counseling master of science program. And, keep in mind that some programs may offer concentrations in areas like career counseling, crisis trauma, and more.

However, in general, courses in a counseling M.S. program may include:

  • School Counseling Ethics and Legal Issues
  • Counseling Theories
  • Multicultural Counseling in Schools
  • Group Counseling and Psychotherapy
  • Life Planning and Career Development
  • Contemporary Issues in School Counseling
  • And more

Do Online Counseling Programs Require Practicums?

Generally, yes. Though you may take most of your coursework virtually while earning an online school counseling master’s degree, you may have to pursue in-person practicums and/or internships. However, you may be able to complete this requirement at an approved school in your local area.

And finally, some programs may also have a residency requirement, where you complete one or more educational experiences in person. The number of hours required for in-person experiences may vary. Check with your prospective program to learn more.

How Long Might It Take to Earn a Master’s in School Counseling Online?

That depends. Some programs may offer an accelerated track designed for full-time students, whereas in other cases, students may pursue their studies part-time.

Another factor may be the number of credits required to earn the degree. This may vary from 48 credits to 75 credits (or less/more, depending on the program). Your program length may be affected by how many courses you have to complete in order to earn your degree.

Find Your Online School Counseling Master’s Program

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