Associates Degree in Special Education Online

Earning an online associates degree in special education shows you the fundamentals of how to help students with special needs. Typically, this means that you study how to create a course of study that reaches all types of learners. Special education associates degree programs may also focus on the stages of learning at different ages.

Online Associates Degree in Special Education: Basics

Online associates degrees in special education teach how to meet the unique needs of students with special needs inside the classroom. This means meeting the needs of each student to help him or her reach their educational goals.

In order to earn your associates degree, programs normally ask that you take a number of core, general education courses. This may help provide a well-rounded education. Most full-time students can earn their associates degree in two years. However, that may depend upon when courses are available.

What You’ll Learn While Earning a Special Education Associates Degree

Usually, many courses focus on the fundamentals of teaching while earning your online associates degree in special education. This may include how to create and put in place a course of study that helps each student learn. It may also involve how to create a challenging and supportive learning environment for exceptional students.

Other topics may include how to effectively talk with parents and other educators on how to develop an individualized educational program (IEP). An IEP is mandatory for all special learners at public schools and for every disabled student.

Common Special Education Classes Online

While earning a special education associates degree, courses focus on studying how exceptional students learn and process information at different ages. Plus, because different influences play such an important role, many courses also teach how to work with families to come up with the best course of study.

Some of the common special education courses you may take include those listed here.

  • Young Children with Special Needs
  • Introduction to Special Education
  • Guiding the Young Child’s Behavior
  • Advocating for Children with Special Needs
  • Curriculum and Instruction for Children with Special Needs

Keep in mind that each school has a unique make-up. Therefore, some courses may not be offered at some schools or may go under a different name. Check out a few different schools to find a perfect fit for you.

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