Online Bachelors in Fine Arts

Earning an online bachelor of fine arts could help you develop basic artistic techniques and methods to hone your craft. Courses combine textbook learning, visual demonstrations, and practical applications of different art styles. This way, students may be able to visibly see and physically experience their chosen medium as part of their required school curriculum. And, since your art studio is in your own home, you could practice these new methods as your schedule and inspiration allows.

What Is Considered a Fine Arts Class?

Online bachelor of fine arts classes includes interactive courses in mediums such as painting, sculpting, and drawing. These classes are designed to develop students’ artistic fundamentals so that they may be able to confidently produce works of art. To do this, classes have students practice a variety of techniques and art styles. Then, students could apply that knowledge to pieces they create during the tenure of their program. For the online students, this might take the form of watching streamed lectures and recorded demonstrations. During this program, you may see some of the following course programming.

  • 3-D Drawing Concepts
  • Intro to Painting, Drawing, Sculpting
  • Figure Drawing
  • Color & Composition
  • Art History
  • Life Drawing

Courses vary by program. Check with your potential school for more information about their curriculum.

Online Studio Courses

Students pursing an online bachelors of fine arts might be wondering how they would be able to take studio courses that are typically offered as part of a fine arts degree. Usually, students spend scheduled time in a studio working on their pieces and practically applying techniques they learn in class. Then, the works are presented to the class for criticism and feedback from their peers and professors.

Online courses offer this same feature, but from the comfort of your own space. Students could work on pieces in their home or designated art space. Then, for feedback, students could post digital images or photographs to online class drop boxes or forums. This way, pieces may still receive valuable feedback from professors and peers. And, you might never have to step out the front door!

Online Bachelors of Fine Arts Admissions

Applications for an online fine arts bachelors are one part academics and one part artistic experience. First, students may be asked to submit a 3.0 high school GPA along with SAT scores. In lieu of this, students may submit a GED score of 450 or an equivalent.

Then, students may be asked to provide examples of their previous artwork. A portfolio review is a common part of the application and interview process. Typically, schools have an online drop box for students to submit photos or digital scans of their work. Don’t worry if you’re a beginner! This review is a way for schools to assess what support you need in the program. Some schools might have more opportunities for beginners and vice versa.  


Completing the above online bachelor of fine arts curriculum may require students to complete 90 to 120 credit hours. With this knowledge, students could potentially earn an online bachelors in fine arts in 3 to 4 years. Program length varies by school. Check with your intended college or university for more information.

Find a Perfect Online Bachelor of Fine Arts Program

An online bachelor of fine arts could help you develop the skills and knowledge to bring your next masterpiece to life! Before setting pencil to paper, browse the list of links on this page. For information about the ins and outs of a particular program, click their link. This provides you with a brief description about the degree program. While there, click the “request info” button. This could provide you with valuable details like admissions deadlines, program concentrations, and more! Good luck!