How Could You Benefit from an Online Bachelors of Fine Arts?

An Online Bachelors in Design allows students to develop and advance their natural abilities to share and interpret information. It typically takes four years of college or university work to complete bachelor-level study to obtain an online bachelors of fine arts. Some schools offer an accelerated degree, so it is possible to earn your bachelor and master degree in communications in just five years. You can read all about accelerated degree programs in this article.

Topics You May Study - Online Bachelors in Design

The communications major must know about many topics, so courses generally focus on a wide range of issues. Typical classes for bachelor-level study of communications online include everything from literature, math, history, religion, philosophy, and sociology to science, political science, economics, art and art history, English, and foreign languages.

Other bachelor-level communications classes help prepare you to work in a particular industry, all of which have growing online platforms. You will likely learn about the power and influence of the media; research, produce, and report content that audiences can understand; critically examine and interpret information; write, report, edit, and produce; and master the visual and online journalism skills needed for a multimedia career, including meeting deadlines and how to work under pressure.

After graduation, you could find a job in the field of television or radio, advertising, business, sales and marketing, education, government, or politics. Communications majors work in publishing, journalism, broadcast journalism, public-health communications, political public relations, global communications, documentary filmmaking, sports-, science-, and health-related fields, and public relations, just to name a few. Picture yourself as the social-media manager for a website, backpack journalist for a TV station, public relations executive, business reporter, writer, magazine editor, graphic designer, advertising manager, copy editor, interpreter, translator, news analyst, reporter, correspondent, program director, public relations person, technical writer, or government policy analyst.