Is an Online Bachelors Degree in Graphic Design Right for You?

Interactive media is a hot field to get into, and earning an online bachelors degree in graphic design puts you at the forefront of the hiring game. Prepare yourself to have the best competitive edge possible with the development of your creative processes and problem solving abilities through online education. You will learn to translate your imagination's ideas into visual formats that are appealing and functional through graphic design.

Turn your artistic temperament into a profession with the proper training. Earning an online bachelors degree in graphic design is for someone with an equal blend of creativity and technical tendencies.

You will learn to express your artistry through the tools of the information technology trade, with the acquisition of theory and practical computer skills. Use core technologies to create interactive media that includes 2-D imaging, audio, and video.

Choose a concentration in your studies that will give you the fundamental knowledge needed for a career in graphics and multimedia. You can earn an online bachelor degree in majors like Digital Media Production, Multimedia and Visual Communication, and Graphic Design. Some of the jobs that you could be qualified for would be Web Content Producer, Video Editor, or Motion Graphics Designer. Working as a digital media professional is a great field to be entering over the next few years.

Depending on the type of specialization you decide on within the field of interactive media, you may take online classes that focus more in the computer and information technology side of multimedia design, or you may take coursework focused on the art angle of design. Regardless of your study concentration, working in the graphic design field will require you to be familiar, and comfortable with, both the technological and creative aspects of design.

Online coursework for a bachelor degree in graphics and multimedia is likely to have topics regarding computer science issues as they relate to design: Systems Analysis and Design, Web Technologies and Application Development, and Programming and Database Design. Other classes reflecting the creative aspects are typically Color and Compositions, Design and Typography, and Computer Graphics and Electronic Imaging.

If you want to become a Production Artist, Graphic Designer, or Computer Artist, you can learn the techniques of computer graphics through an online graphics and multimedia bachelor degree. Acquire the training you need from a regionally accredited university or college with online classes and discover the convenience of distance education.