Online Museum Studies Masters Degree

If you are interested in becoming an archivist or a curator in a museum, you will most likely need to earn your Online Museum Studies Masters degree first.i Museum studies is the study of museums, their history, and curating the stuff that goes in them. It is also called museology and was once known as museography.

What's Museum Studies All About?

Have you been to or even heard of the Museum of Broken Relationships in Los Angeles? It's a seriously cool place where objects tell breakup stories. This transforms how museums convey infotainment and at the same time creates an evocative experience for visitors. It's a progressive museum in a world where those words may often seem contradictory. How can we see more cool museums like this? Or maybe even just add that spark of inspiration to existing ones? If you’re interested in curating or working with collections of art, you might want to think about earning an Online Museum Studies Masters degree.

That means learning the nitty gritty of museums, where it's all happening. Why not invigorate your education while also embarking on a mission to revitalize museums? These programs could work as an inspiring jetway toward the groundbreaking museums of tomorrow. So let's dust off those hallowed exhibit halls together!

What's the Curriculum Like?

Nationwide and online, museum studies programs offer choice entry points for a variety of potential student candidates. That's because at the graduate school level, museum studies programs evolve to a more hands-on approach with internships and research done on location at specific museums.

Thus, the curriculum often involves museums near the school. You're in the trenches! This also rings true for online museum studies degree programs because those students may intern and conduct research at whatever museum works best for their locale. This is great experience! But check with the school in advance to make sure you’ll be able to fulfil any onsite seminars or residency requirements they have.

How About the Fundamental Classes for an Online Museum Studies Masters Degree?

The core courses in museum studies cover a range of topics because there are so many disciplines, from paleontology to world history to technology. And because so much of museum experience is about how it all looks and feels, design is a primary course in these programs too.

However, your general classes might include some of the following:

  • Studying Museum Professions guides students toward learning about each of the key players from directors to fundraisers.
  • The impact of Technology & the Digital Age is often explored in Online Museum Studies Masters degree coursework.
  • The History of Museums may be an important class in some programs.
  • Some classes explore the relationship between Museums & the Community.
  • Specialty programs may be geared toward topics such as Ethnic Museums or Museum Policy.

These are just the beginning, though. Course offerings branch off in every direction from there given all the disciplines museums explore. What a fun way to follow your passions!

So Where Do I Begin?

You’re already in a great position here on our website, So click around to find Online Museum Studies Masters degree programs that cover the subjects you're interested in. And you could pursue a career in museum studies to join the pioneers who create inspiring museums!