Music Production Associates Degrees Online

For many students, a music education could provide assuring background and fundamental knowledge about the industry. Instructors add real-life examples from their own work in the music world. As for advancement, insiders tell it like it is: Most people work their way up from the bottom. Determination is usually key.

Associate-level online study of music usually requires dedication, focus, good time-management — in other words, you have to be good at the job of being a student. At the associate level, you could study music, music management, music performance, or music theory and composition.

Music Production Associate Degree Online

People who study music are often drawn to it naturally; many have been playing music, singing, or writing songs since childhood. Those early beginnings — garage bands, piano recitals, writing lyrics in your notebook — could pave the way toward adult accomplishments in the music world. You could perform, teach music, or work behind the scenes in music production.

Students interested in the business of music may need to know all about the industry: concert promotion and touring, artist management, songwriting, DJ techniques, new music production, contracts, and negotiations. The online associate-level study of music could put you on this path.

Courses leading to an online music business degree may include general studies in English, Math, Science, and the Humanities, as well as Business and Law courses and workshops in songwriting and DJ techniques.

The online associate degree typically takes two years of full-time study to complete, but you can also work on the degree on a part-time basis. The credits you earn could launch you into the job world, or could be transferred to a four-year college, depending on the program you choose. Many schools require you to complete an internship in the industry in order to obtain your associate degree, and may help you obtain the internship.