PhD in Music Online

Performers, composers, musicologists, and academics undertaking online doctoral-level study of music are often on an intellectual pursuit. The doctoral level study of music is a major commitment of time and resources. It usually takes at least three years to complete the degree.. The doctoral student who has completed a master degree has some idea of the dedication, time, and single-minded focus required. Obtaining a doctoral-level degree in music is an outstanding accomplishment.

To obtain an online doctorate in music, doctoral-level students undertake significant original research, typically focusing on a particular area of interest. After coursework is complete, the doctoral student of music takes written and oral exams, and a performer or composer presents a recital or performance of original compositions. Doctoral-level study generally requires that each student write a scholarly dissertation and give a public presentation of that work, which is submitted and approved by the committee of the student's advisors who oversaw the research.

Someone with a doctorate in music could be qualified to teach at the university level, be president of a music school or university, a department chairman at a university, may teach music privately or in a conservatory, or work in television, radio, or professional theatre. A doctorate in music education shows that you have studied music teaching, and have studied and mastered the principles of successful teaching. Most doctoral graduates become involved in research, scholarly writing, or college-level teaching of musicology, music theory, or music education.