Performing Arts Masters Degree Online Programs

Online performing arts masters programs help students explore the ins and outs of theatre, like acting, production, and dramaturgy. Programs with different focuses, such as teaching or arts presenting, may help students prepare to pursue various career goals in the performing arts.

How Is It Possible to Earn a Performing Arts Masters Degree Online?

True, theatre seems to demand live participation! But the study of theatre may offer more flexibility than you imagine. For example, students may be able to take certain courses like playwriting, theatre research, and dramaturgy online.

Depending on your performing arts concentration, you may wish to focus on aspects of the performance arts other than acting. For example, a masters program that focuses on parts of production like entertainment marketing, promotion, and copyright issues may be perfectly suited to an online format.

And finally, you might find hybrid performance arts masters programs offering the best of both worlds. A hybrid program includes both online and campus courses, so you may be able to enjoy both flexibility and in-person acting classes.

What Might I Learn in Online Performing Arts Masters Programs?

That depends on your focus area, but you could study the history and theory of theater, including the study of drama around the world. In addition, you might study applied theatre, like acting, dramaturgy, production, or directing.

Some programs may focus specifically on performing arts education. For example, you might study the role of theatre in the church or school. You may learn how to analyze and adapt texts for performance. And, you may study how to teach aspects of theatre, such as character development.

 Keep in mind that you may find online performing arts masters programs with other areas of focus, too.

Here are just a few courses you could potentially enroll in:

  • Story Structure for Stage and Screen
  • Dramaturgy
  • Theatre in the Church
  • Theatre Research Methods
  • Theatre and Performance Theories
  • Theatre Criticism
  • Tour Management and Production
  • Arts Leadership
  • Legal Aspects of the Live Entertainment Industry

How Long Might It Take to Earn a Performing Arts Master’s?

That depends on factors like program length, and whether you’re a part-time or full-time student. But as an example, a 30-credit program might take as few as 18 months. Check with your prospective school to learn more.

And, keep in mind that some programs may have mandatory or optional residency periods, such as spending a few weeks studying on campus.

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