Associates Degree in Web Design & Development

A Web Design Associate Degree Online could help you craft the magic behind your favorite websites. These degrees generally include both programming and graphics. Web design often focuses more on a website's look and feel. Web development, though, manages content and flow to create website wonder from behind the scenes. In fact, some of these degree programs, though essentially the same as Web Development and Design, are even called Web Programming. Conveniently, many schools offer programs like these online. Next learn more about the potential within this course of study and relevant schools right here on

Arthur C. Clarke famously said, "Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic." For someone without a Web Development and Design Associates Degree, the Internet's a great example of this. Magic creates awe and wonder but learning how to make that magic happen might be even more amazing. Coursework in web development and design often targets how to build websites. Webpages with a cool user experience can seem magical. How do they do it? In web development and design, students generally begin with fundamental classes. These include subjects like technology, programming, and databases. Program basics like these, explored in a web design associate degree online, create the works behind a webpage with unseen but crucial elements. Without them, we wouldn't have the magic.

Web Design Associate Degree Online ~ The Essentials

Like many associate degrees, web development and design programs at this level can be fairly flexible. That's because there's potential to complete such a program after only about 20 classes, or 2 years.iv Associate programs such as this are usually open to anyone with the equivalent of a high school education.iv Furthermore, with web development and design in particular, students don’t necessarily need to go beyond an associate degree to find work in the field. Essentially, these programs cover required classes for a typical associate degree and then also surpass these basics. First, web development and design courses must teach the fixed elements in this fast-moving field. Those required courses help set students on a path to continuous learning as they practice their new skills. Because the Internet shifts so rapidly, websites must adapt right alongside the changes.

Initially, students need to learn the basics and an associate degree could be a great way to pursue that. Associates web development and design degree students will then encounter many different types of classes along the way. Beginner classes in a web design associate degree online will likely include the fundamentals of both Programming Language and Principles of Web Design.

Programming Languages

Those who are computer savvy often talk about "coding" and it's easy to chalk that up to just plain old HTML. Even Granny's heard of that! However, there are more than 256 programming languages. Some of the most crucial languages for programmers to know these days include: C, Java, Python, Javascript, PHP and Ruby. Just like with spoken word, some computer languages are harder to learn than others. For instance, many consider Javascript difficult to master because it's not typed and therefore a challenge to debug. On the other hand, Ruby is often thought ideal for programming language beginners. It reads like English and has tools that make frequent coding tasks easier. Variations like this are not surprising in such a vast spectrum of programming languages. An web design associate degree online program helps students choose which language to pursue first. This is a nice advantage for a beginner.

Principles of Web Design

Principles of Web Designis another fundamental class for web design and development. Web design has unique aspects, such as interface ease. This falls into the interaction design category. On the other hand, visual design focuses on perception. This teaches a student how to present information on the webpage. That's what most people probably think of first when they hear the word "design". But web design isn't just about how things look.

No matter which aspect of web design is in play, in the end a person will interact with that web page. We don't just look at websites. We click around. Principles of Web Designworks with this human element. Students learn to evaluate their work with users. This helps them learn the difference between effective and inept design. It's not just about creating beautiful visuals in web design. On the contrary, usability is a key factor in a successful web page. Fortunately, these introductory classes in a web design associate degree online program can help students learn about this as they test their work with users.

Fun Fact

User testing is so critical in web development and design because costs of fixing bugs after implementation are 100 times higher than in the design phase.

There are many courses typically offered in a web development and design associates degree. Principles of Web DesignProgramming Languagesare only two examples. Some others might be:

  • Web Front End Development
  • Creating Online Media
  • Internet Security
  • New Media Strategies and Tactics
  • Human-Computer Interaction

And this is only the beginning. Students in a web development and design associates degree program might want to take classes that fit their particular interests. Fortunately, there are lots of interesting courses to explore in this field. A student on the web development and design path could go in many directions. Therefore, these students have lots of choices and opportunities to learn what they find most intriguing.

How to Become a Web Developer or Graphic Designer

A Web Development and Design Online Associates Degree could jumpstart a future career as a web developer or designer.ii While these jobs likely require high-levels of concentration, creative thinking is also important in their Typical tasks for a web developer or designer might include website creation and meeting with clients to talk strategy. They also often conduct tests or monitor web traffic during a usual work day.vii Consequently, web developer and designer jobs may be challenging but they can also be lots of fun. This makes for a great combination to keep a career engaging.

So, web developers and designers often have an interesting work day. In addition, these careers often have enticing, competitive salaries. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median annual wage for web developers was $64,970 in 2015.viii Also Web developer job opportunities grow at a much faster rate than average, with 58,600 expected job openings between 2014 and 2024.viii In even more relevant news, 20% of web developers say the only education needed for their job is an associate degree.ix

Start Right Here and Now with An Associate Degree in Web Development Online

Consequently, you may want to research an associate degree in web development and design. By all means, take the next step now. In fact, you're in the perfect place to get started right here. Feel free to click around our sponsored links on and thus begin your search. In addition, check into what associate degree program types particular schools offer. Be sure to also reach out to the school itself to get details on their specific curriculum for a web design associate degree online. The title of the program, in this case Web Development and Design Associates Degree, is key to relevant and productive results.

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